Back in business…I think

Lauren is much improved today. I am actually typing with two hands!!!!

And I got the plastering finished this morning, hopefully it’s dry by the time Dad arrives this afternoon and he’ll approve of my work. I’m fairly certain that while I did a great job for a first timer, he’ll end up putting another coat on and tidying it up. Ah well, at least I tried right?

I’m hoping that Lauren has a good sleep in her bed this afternoon so that I can finally get back to the writing stuff. If nothing else, this last half week of not being able to get a lot done has meant I’ve had a break from Lifelines, so I’m expecting the read through to go a lot easier now. It’s set me back a bit timewise, but hey, that’s life šŸ˜‰ I’m really looking forward to finishing it, both so that I can get on with the submission process, and also so that I can start reading Branwen and reaquainting myself with all those characters.

It’s going to be hard reading the first book without making changes, but I think it’s more important to finish the trilogy than to correct things in the first book – who knows what curve balls might come up in the last book that need hinting at in the first? I don’t want to have to rewrite it twice.

Anyway, lunch time at the madhouse. Soon Ivy will be off to preschool for the afternoon and the baby will be sleeping. I am really looking forward to getting into some work.


4 thoughts on “Back in business…I think”

  1. Good to hear Lauren’s feeling better. I’m in the middle of working on a scene, and trying to avoid geeking out too badly since the action involves a fair amount of computer hacking.

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