Well, baby is still sick, but things are improving – she came out in a rash last night and I took her to the Dr’s again today, she has roseola, which is a common viral infection for babies and nothing to worry about it, but best of all the worst of its over with now and she seems to be feeling a lot better.

Which means I’m getting some work done 🙂 I read two chapters today of Lifelines and once again I’m enjoying the story! So I really did need the break, and I’m grateful I had one enforced, it’s done me the world of good when it comes to the novel. I’m excited again to be reading through and I now have 14 chapters to go! Fingers crossed I can get two done a day and be done in a week, ah bless.

I have also managed to get into some critiquing again, thank goodness, I felt like I was falling way behind on my responsibilities and am very glad to be catching up again now. Such a relief. I’m feeling so much better in general!

Oh and my plastering went down well 😉 Dad said I did an excellent job, especially for a first timer. Yay me! The plumbing is now in and I can finish the plastering and get it painted, it’s going to be so exciting seeing the walls finished, though we still have to go and get the coloured paint, which will have to wait til after pay day.

Anyways, keeping it short and sweet.

Hope everyone is having a good day 🙂


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