Halfway again

Back to being halfway through Lifelines again, and so glad that this is my last read through. It’s going really smoothly now though with very few changes to be made. I’m super glad to find that the case.

I am loving having the time (and hands) to get some work done as well, I think part of the foul mood I was in was because I was falling so far behind where I wanted to be and there was simply no way to catch up – amazingly, I’m almost done all the crit work that I’d had piled up, and am ahead of where I thought I would be on the read through so that makes for one very happy Cassie.

Lauren is feeling loads better, and spending a lot more time on the floor playing than she has for the last probably week. It’s lovely, and we’re having heaps of fun – she’s at that stage where they seem to be learning something new all the time, so exciting, so wonderful.

Anyways… tomorrow NZ Speculative Fiction blogging week begins! I don’t have the posts lined up that I had hoped for, but I just didn’t have the time. I have some ideas though, so hopefully it will be a good week.

Best go, almost nap time for the little one and that means more plastering.


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