The healing powers of the beach


I’ve been trying to think of something ‘speculative fiction’ to write about today (make that yesterday – this post has been sitting in limbo for almost 20 hours due to simply having no time), but drawing a blank. I was in desperate need of recharging, so once Lauren had woken from her sleep we took off down the beach. I thought I’d take some photos to show you one of my favourite places in New Zealand.

I’ve spent a lot of time here working out the kinks in my stories, whenever I get stuck on something I know a walk on the beach will help to clear things up for me.


There are always going to be patches in a novel where things seem to have gotten twisted, or you may have written yourself into a corner that seems inescapable.

This is where I come when nothing else will work, I will always find something to inspire me or spur me on.


It’s everything that I love about New Zealand.


You know, this last week of blogging about speculative fiction has really inspired me. I feel much better connected with whats happening within New Zealand, I feel connected to my country, my heritage, and to my own writing more so than ever before. I have felt a massive swell of pride at being part of this, and I’m really excited to see where speculative fiction in NZ goes from here. Next year we’ll get to launch our website/organization, and who knows what will happen from there?

I’ve also felt encouraged to write more NZ based fiction – I think because most of what I read is set elsewhere, I’ve tended to follow suit. But I’ve been reminded of many things that I, as a New Zealander, and as a Maori, can tap into (yes, I know, I don’t look it, but it’s a big part of my heritage).

I started a story a few days ago hoping to have it finished for tomorrows post, but I don’t think it will be done. Things have come up and devoured my time. I’ll be posting a snippet though, the beginnings of the story and however much I manage to get written today.


5 thoughts on “The healing powers of the beach”

  1. “I’ve also felt encouraged to write more NZ based fiction”

    Good to hear! I love to read stories set in places that bring other countries and cultures alive. I’m looking forward to your tale 🙂

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