As Promised

The beginnings of the short story I started writing this week, inspired by speculative fiction blogging week and all the wonderful post being written. I’ve had such an amazing week, and am so thrilled to have taken part in it. Well done to everyone who wrote posts and contributed, and a massive thank you to everyone who read and enjoyed what was on offer. I hope you’ve had fun too.

Unfortunately, I have simply had no time to complete the story or even work on it in the last few days, so it’s unfinished and unedited! I’ll get there eventually though, and if it turns out okay I’ll post the whole thing when it gets finished 🙂 Now, I best  not read it, or I may never hit ‘publish’ lol.


‘Tahi, rua, toru, wha,’ Rawiri counted slowly, ‘rima, ono, whitu, waru, iwa, tekau – coming, ready or not!’ He peeled his face away from the thick trunk of the pohutokawa tree and glanced around, though he had no need of his eyes to discover the hiding places of his cousins. He could feel the thrum of their life force in his chest alongside his own heartbeat, could hear where their bare feet had touched the ground as if it still reverberated from the abuse.

Despite this, he took his time. There was no need to rush, and besides, no-one liked to be found too soon. Ruku would wait until they were beginning to get bored, though he would peer into bushes and climb up trees in the meantime, in case anyone was watching. And he knew that they would be.

He was used to the weight of eyes upon him. In this full blooded community he was the only half-caste. His mother was looked down on as the woman who had succumbed to a pakeha boy, but Rawiri knew the truth of it, and his mother had nothing to be ashamed of. Let the Aunties shake their heads at her – his father may have been fair of skin, but he was no pakeha.

Rawiri began to climb another tree, making a show of peering down into the bush as he moved up through the branches. He could feel Aroha nearby, the beat of her life force strong and centred – she was a calm girl at the best of times, unlike Marama whose flighty personality was usually echoed in his chest. He scanned around for the younger girl, his heart lurching when he realized that her force was far weaker than it should be. There was something wrong.


4 thoughts on “As Promised”

    1. obviously I didn’t even have time to check I got the post right – wordpress was being silly and I had to be gone. It reads right now! Somehow the first paragraph was replaced by the last one… ug, I’m so annoyed that I didn’t pick it up before now.

    1. Thanks Debbie. Should be able to finish it off in October I think, it’s not a long story, but the rest of this month is fairly busy getting this novel 100% finished I think.
      Hope you’re having an awesome day 🙂

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