Ta da!


It’s not quite finished (there are some cupboards on the right the need to go up on the wall) but for the most part it’s done – hurray! Of course, we need to get the electrician, plumber/gas fitter in to connect stuff (and actually buy the gas hob…) but in the very near future we’ll have an operational kitchen.

Oh. My. God.

Eight months with no oven and about 1.5m of bench space for everything to be done on has taken it’s toll on me for sure – though amazingly we have managed not to stack on weight from the extra takeaways we’ve been eating on those nights that I simply could not face cooking in the electric frying pan again.

I’m looking forward to pasta, rice and vegetables that have not been microwaved. I’m looking forward to roasting things, to baking, to home made cheese sauce.

I’m looking forward to creating some abstract art out of the electric frying pan too – I never want to use it again (and to be totally honest it’s close to being dead – thats 2 fry pans in 8 months!)

And we have a dishwasher! for the first time ever – boy am I looking forward to less time spent at the sink.

So while the list of things that need to happen before this renovation project is 100% complete is quite large, I don’t mind! I’m finally going to have a working kitchen.

Next time we take on something, it will not be so drawn out, no way in hell. A lot of the waiting was unavoidable this time around (like waiting for our free kitchen to be taken out of Dad’s house and make its way here), so fingers crossed for better organization next time!

And a massive thanks to my Dad and Hubby for spending a couple hours working their asses off to get this in last night – you’ve saved the potential victims of a violent rampage from a woman on the brink of insanity.


21 thoughts on “Ta da!”

    1. yes, since jan 17th when we moved in and found out the oven was broken. Old house…limited space. Did I mention we also only have two power points? lol we’ll have many more once the electrician has hooked it all up, yay!

    1. probably not – admittedly we did get a VERY good deal on this house. We love it – lots of work do to though! Ah well, lol DIY renovations are in my blood.

      1. Well, if Catherine and I end up buying a fix-her-upper, we might get to deal with other problems. 🙂

  1. There is something extremely satisfying about knowing you did a lot of the work yourself, it’s rewarding – worth the difficulties 🙂
    Still, 8 months kitchen-less IS a little over the top 😉

  2. J.C., It’s magnificent, and the plastering is simply breathtaking! And, seeing those white walls, I understand now why you had to agonise so long over the paint colour. A brilliant choice!

    Seriously, it looks like the three of you did a great job between you. As for you saying, “Next time we take on something, it will not be so drawn out, no way in hell.” I say that every single time!

    1. yeah… everyone tells me thats the case. Next is just painting for the most part though which is a breeze compared to a full kitchen. I really wish I had got the colour on the walls before it went in! Much fiddler doing it around the units – ah well 🙂

  3. Well it looks like a great kitchen, at least – nice big window. I’d go mad without a kitchen for that long as well, and I only use the oven once every 1-2 weeks. Actually, it would be not having a dishwasher that would really drive me crazy – and I’ve only had one for less than two years, how on earth did I cope?

    1. funny how quickly we become accustomed to things isn’t it? I haven’t had a dishwasher since I moved out of home more than ten years ago, but I am really looking forward to having one again

  4. Eight months with no oven… EIGHT MONTHS! Jeez, I would go insane. Or order heart-attack-waiting-to-happen levels of take-aways, ’cause there are four or five decent fast food places which deliver to my neck of the woods.

  5. IT LOOKS FABULOUS!!! You are indeed superwoman for coping with an electric frying pan and microwave for 8 months. There’s so much light from the big window and the purple cabinets are great. 🙂

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