First draft of synopsis done

Woo! I almost sat down to write a post about procrastination yesterday, because I was putting off getting to work – but then I decided that I would do better just to get stuck into it!

The second half was a lot easier to write than the first, I’d made much better notes so it was pretty quick to put it all together. I think today I’ll let that sit and revise the new ending of the novel, all in all I’m feeling really good about the whole thing and looking forward to tackling that all important hook for my query letter.

Did I just say that? I’m looking forward to it? Eek, what is happening to me?

Anyway, it’s wet and rainy here today, and cold – spring feels like it has disappeared, but hopefully after this week we’ll go back to having some nice weather again. October is getting a lot closer, and with it more self imposed deadlines.

I want to have the house sorted by Lauren’s birthday, we’re going to be invaded by many family members and it’ll be much nicer if say, the old gas oven wasn’t still cluttering up the back porch area, and the cardboard had made its way to the recycling centre. If I could have our bedroom painted, and the hallway as well – gee that would be even better!

Anyway… almost time to drop Ivy at preschool, then get baby to sleep – then back into it!


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