This months plan

After looking through my options, I was feeling a little lost. I’ve got about 6 short stories that need their first draft finished, and a bunch more that need rewriting and editing. I don’t even want to think about the list of ideas for new stories that I have lying around – they are just going to have to wait a little longer.

Too many things to choose from, and nothing was jumping out at me, so I picked one at random – Johnny’s first kill.

I am really enjoying writing it, but at the same time feel a bit nervous about it. It has a squick factor that I don’t think I’ve encountered in any of my other stories, probably because Johnny is only 14 but he already knows what he is,  and more importantly, what he isn’t.

I’ve resisted writing horror/killer stuff since I got pregnant, I didn’t even read anything like that while I was – some strange worry that everything I was absorbing would seep through to my unborn child. I’m not superstitious about many things, but I didn’t want to take the risk 😉 So the last time I wrote that stuff was the month before I conceived when  Following Faith came to life. The characters are adult, so it was a little different.

In general I have no trouble tapping into my dark side. I believe we all have one, and I feel like at least if am aware of it, it can never get the better of me. Anyways… I am going to have to let Johnny have Ellie today, and I have this nervous tension about it. I’ve gotta let him loose, and in doing so, hopefully I can bridge the gap that has existed inside me for that last year and a half or so. It’s time.

And after some wonderful chat on twitter, I’m making my next project a read through of Following Faith, an edit and polish and then I’m going to put it up here. I’ve not let many people read it, mostly because I think it shows a side of me that most people don’t even know exists. I let people read a novel I wrote with one torture scene that had most people asking me ‘how the hell did you come up with that?’ so I thought it best just not to put Following Faith out there – that said, I don’t think it’s nearly as bad as I thought it was initially!

I’m actually looking forward to putting it up and maybe having some people read it.

So that’s me. I think that will keep me pretty busy for the month. Alongside that I need to finish reading Ayden and make my outline for Riana so that I’m ready to launch into that come November 1st.

Exciting times!


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