Frustrations and to-do lists

I was seriously miffed yesterday after a number of things conspired to cut into my writing time, and even worse, lose the words I did manage to write. Between friends with dramas, computer issues, baby’s not wanting to sleep anywhere but me…


But I’m pushing that aside. I’m not going to let yesterdays issues drag me down today, oh no.

I have a to-do list!

It looks a little something like this: force husband to fix computer so that it stops crashing and stealing my words. Let Johnny kill Ellie. Chase the yellow out of the rest of the kitchen/diner with some pristine white undercoat. Plant the rest of the veges so that they don’t die from sitting in a plastic bag for a week.

And then I have housekeeping to do – both in the house and on the web. I managed to get the Kiwi Writers newsletter written and emailed out this morning, but I need to do a massive tidy up of the SpecFicNZ message board, and see if I can come up with some preparation challenges for the KW members who are doing NaNo next month.

Once again, if you’re doing NaNo, friend me, I’m here.

I’m feeling like I have the energy to tackle that list this weekend. I need to feel like I’ve gotten something done.

Most importantly, I really need to finish Johnny’s story… I’d hate to have him visiting me in my dreams again.

Better get moving then.


4 thoughts on “Frustrations and to-do lists”

  1. Visiting you in your dreams? Don’t think I’ve had a character visit me in my dreams… yet. Although, I did dream of a large airplane that crashed landed right in my front yard last night! It was intense. :O

    1. Sounds very intense!

      The first place I met Johnny was in a dream, thats how a lot of my stories come alive. And yes, when they get pissy at me not paying enough attention, they tend to come back 😉

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