The renovations are taking over!

So, I know that the kitchen is almost done… almost, so close to having everything up and running. But more things just keep cropping up and that list of house stuff I want done before Lauren’s 1st birthday seems to be growing, not getting smaller. It’s all consuming. Paint this, clean that, get rid of this, tidy that… and all the while trying to keep up with regular household stuff!


I barely did anything writing related yesterday and it’s hit me that we’re actually getting close to the middle of the month.

Okay, logically, I know we’re only a week in, but it’s Hubby’s birthday on the 13th and my brain is thinking that far ahead and sees that it’s very close to the middle of the month…. and Lauren’s birthday is only two weeks away come saturday! (Okay, the PARTY is two weeks away, her birthdays a few days after that…)

Damn you brain and all your forward thinking.

Somehow, I have to reign it in and remember that I still have many days until the end of the month. Even if it doesn’t feel like it. I’ve got to get focused on what I’m doing and find the time/head space to start revising Following Faith.

I’ve learned a lot of things from reading the first draft. It’s shown me once again that my writing has really improved in the last year and a bit. That my tendency to rush the ending of stories and novels was still very apparent in Jan ’08 – I just get so excited and want to get to the end lol. I think I do a little better now, though thank goodness for revision! It means I can correct those rushed endings and give them the attention they deserve.

Following Faith is going to get quite a big overhaul, some cuts in the beginning and a much longer ending. It finishes in the right place, but gee, the last three pages could easily be three times the length! It’ll be really interesting to see how long it ends up being.

Where are your biggest weaknesses in your first drafts?


11 thoughts on “The renovations are taking over!”

  1. My biggest first-draft weakness is too many nothing-spots in between the set-pieces. I always plan a novel around big, climactic events with very little thought to what goes in the middle. Hence, lots of spots where everyone just talks without moving the story forward. Quite frustrating for me.

    1. It would be – what are you doing to work on it? that’s the best thing about knowing your weaknesses, you can strive to make improvement

  2. So far, my biggest weakness has been going forward and backward. I’ll write a little here, change an idea, character or place and end up having to correct things from earlier on.

    1. make notes and continue 😛 lol you have to get to the end in order for me to critique it you know!
      But seriously, make notes and carry on – at least if you have a complete first draft you can revise and edit. Way better than never finishing the thing because you keep making changes.

    1. ohhh I do that too! lol though I am getting better and trying to take it a bit slower. Second drafts tend to be almost twice the size of first drafts, though it’s more like 1/3rd bigger these days

  3. My biggest weakness with first drafts is that I’m continually revising as I write. It’s very slow and often the word-count is down at the end of a day’s writing! My first drafts end up complete and quite polished, but I often envy writers who just pour out words and tidy them up afterwards.

    1. I’m always in awe of those people who have such wonderful first drafts! I think as long as you get there in the end that’s the main thing 🙂

  4. Me, I tend to build up momentum far too early, bring my characters to a massive point of tension, then realise there’s so much development I have to do and send them off for a picnic or a walk on the beach.

  5. For me, it’s a toss-up between 1) too much description of little things that aren’t, ultimately, that important, and 2) half-formed ideas that manifest themselves as characters or plot points that need way more depth. My end, too, felt a bit rushed the first time around.

  6. All will come together, just hard to remain mellow in the onslaught… 🙂

    Usually my first five (sometimes 6 or 7) chapters feel rushed, or I’m just getting the hang of the characters. Then suddenly it flows so nicely.

    Which reminds me I REALLY should get going on those first five or six or seven chapters that need help!

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