The games we love and leave

So, I’ve been thinking about World of Warcraft obsessively lately. Several people,who shall remain nameless but no doubt know who they are, play the game still and I’m really hanging out to play. I have been for awhile now, but WoW seems to have come back into my mind and I’m wondering – can I play it again?

In my 8 years or so of playing MMORPG’s, this is the longest break I have had. I played Ever Quest for three years, I switched to World of Warcraft just after it came out, then went back to EQ briefly, then quit gaming because I had slow net and it was frustrating. Then I met Hubby and we tried Guild Wars for awhile, we maxed our characters out and there was simply not enough content for me so I convinced him that we should play WoW.

Which we did, quite happily for awhile. Though we got tired of it eventually and when Lord of the Rings online came out, we put our WoW accounts on hold and played that for four months, at which point we went back to WoW. People always seem to go back to it, without fail, no matter how many games come out, people always seem to go back to WoW.

Anyways, just over a year ago I was getting sick of the game. We phased out of raiding and then quit altogether – I knew there was no way I’d be able to sustain the game with a newborn and I was certainly right, though that didn’t stop us from using the 10 day trial for Lich King eventually.

It wasn’t the same though. Everyone I knew was higher than me, I was behind the times, the game had moved on without me and I felt like a stranger in a foreign land.

I KNOW that this is how it would be if I went back now. I logged in maybe three times over that 10 day period and it didn’t have the same hold over me that it used to. Which was nice, really nice. Though it doesn’t mean that I don’t still think about it, that I don’t miss what I had. That said, it’s been four years or more since I played EQ and I can still vividly remember parts of that as well.

So what’s a girl to do?

With November and NaNoWriMo approaching, I’m not going to buy into any games. It would be a terrible idea, though I think I’m badly in need of some kind of ‘play’ thing, something that isn’t kids and housework and husband and pets and meeting everyone elses needs. Something that isn’t writing even, so that when I’ve been critiquing and working on everyone elses stuff I can take a break, escape for a little bit.

Last night I logged onto MSN to make my old Guild Leader tell me that the game isn’t worth playing…. he’d love to see me back though. Something he did suggest was that I try out Dungeons and Dragons Online as it’s free to play and might fill the void for awhile.

So that’s what I’m going to do. It’s downloading now, I’m looking forward to escaping this world for a little bit, and if it doesn’t pan out then I haven’t lost anything in the process. After November I’ll reassess and see where I’m at in regards to gaming. I know at some point that I am going to want one, it’s just a matter of which one I end up at. I may buy Lich King and play it for a month to see if I can get back into WoW, but maybe there will be something else that catches my eye 😉

When it comes down to it, I’m a gamer, I love my MMORPG’s. I have been more than happy to have a big break from gaming, but I’m feeling the itch something wicked. Let’s hope DDO can scratch it for now!


15 thoughts on “The games we love and leave”

  1. I’m not much of a gamer, never got into the whole thing for some reason. It’s interesting to read about your experiences though. Sounds very similar to my forum addiction (which has tapered off now) – I used to be part of 20+ forums. Kind of crazy.

    1. wow thats a lot of forums!
      MMORPG’s are certainly not for everyone, but I love the challenges, and the social aspect, it’s just fun, like launching into a fantasy universe and playing pretend. Plus, I know that playing WoW with hubby has taught us how to work together as a team, in and out of game, which is a definite strength when it comes to marriage! We know each others weaknesses and strengths, how we respond to different situations, and yes while it’s all in a virtual world, a lot of its applicable to real life strangely!

    1. hehe will do, it’s not like I have a lot of time to play, but it will just be nice having something there to play when the urge hits 🙂

  2. Hey, Dale said Aion is better than WoW. I don’t play MMORPGs at all, but the case looked pretty so I asked him about it and he said a lot of people prefer it. Can’t run on my computer so I’m SOL anyway.
    Good luck 🙂 .

    1. Yeah I had considered that, it does look pretty – hubby wants to steer clear of it though as it looks like more level grinding than WoW which means more time. Good to hear someones opinion of it! In the early months of a new game lots of people prefer the new game, most of them tend to go back to WoW eventually though lol

  3. I’ve thought about trying out MMORGs myself. Not WoW – I resent the fact that they expect you to pay $15 a month EVERY month to remain a member – but some of them do look like fun. Let me know what it’s like.

    1. Will do 🙂
      When you think of the $15 in terms of a months entertainment it’s actually pretty minimal – think how much people spend on smoking, drinking, partying, movies, CD’s… At least with WoW you spend the money and you can use it as much or as little as you like in the month.

  4. I’ve dabbled in a few other MMOs, but keep coming back to WOW. Its not the greatest game ever, but it is polished and had plenty to keep you busy.

    Plus it has trolls. What more could you want?

    Right now I don’t play as much as I used to, concentrating on writing – normally I do 15-20 minutes in the morning doing a few daily quests and a couple of times a week raid with the guild.

    Of course the big thing everyone is waiting on is the next major patch when we finally get to smack Arthas down – and then the expansion. Can see my time ballooning when that happens as everything is being overhauled. Plus goblins and troll druids and tauren paladins (holy cow) – what mreo could you want?

    1. lol yeah, that does look cool, and you’re totally right about why we go back to WoW. Compared to the new games that come out, most of its bugs are sorted out, there are few issues with game play, and there is that whole ‘better the devil you know’ thing

  5. I have tried LoTRO and it’s just flat out not as good as it could be. Which is very disappointing. I mean come on, LoTR!! DDO is supposed to be just as badly designed and clunky.

    What I like about WoW is being able to just jump on, fiddle about a bit and then stop. It’s fun, relaxing and great to play with your partner. Everyone else in the guild is 80 and raiding, but I don’t care. I’m just here for the scenery 🙂

    I hope DDO fills the urge until you are ready to come back 😉

    1. WoW is a different game now… I keep telling myself that I won’t like it now, but if the urge is still there after November, then I might buy the expansion and play for a month just to see how I go. I think I’ve spent too long raiding end game, I don’t know if I can be happy just enjoying the scenery…. I guess we’ll see!
      Totally agree that LoTRO wasn’t as good as it could have been, it was pretty, but not very fulfilling for me. DDO can be as clunky as that – means I might get four months out of it! lol

  6. I didn’t get anywhere toward goals until I quit playing WoW. I missed it but really had a strong need to get the blog going, to write, blah blah. While I doubt I would ever go back to EQ, I think about WoW more frequently. My husband still plays, and I’ve caught myself watching over his shoulder a lot.

    Thing is, I was a raid healer and a good one. If I were to play again the game would be a grind until I got the levels and gear needed to be in a good raiding guild.

    And that is what stops me. I work so many hours that it came down to this: Write or Play. I chose to write and I miss playing quite a bit. No happy answer, just choices and consequences.

    I dream of the day I can lay certain burdens down and live on the fixed income of disability, not because I”m looking forward to being even more poor than I am, but because I get my time back. When that happens, I bet I play again within the month. Write in the morning and play at night. Heaven.

    1. Yeah, I think I’m in the same boat – at least as far as the raiding goes. I spent so long at end game, four nights a week raiding, I love the challenge and fun of raid healing and I’m also very good at it! I’m not sure I could go back and not raid, that said, the late nights kill me… being two hours ahead of oceanic servers means that we weren’t starting raids until 9.30pm which is hard with little kids if you’re not getting to bed until 1.30am (considering it takes me at least a half hour to wind down from a raid! lol) Oh but I do miss it…
      hah, if I could convince hubby to play again, we’d be there… that said, I roped him into trying DDO very easily and he’s been playing it heaps! lol maybe there is hope!

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