Slacking off

I confess, I am totally slacking off – not pushing myself, not trying to find more hours in the day, not even feeling guilty about it. I’m getting through my one chapter a day of crits and doing nothing of my own – I think it’s been four days since I finished reading my novella and novel, no, make that five.

I have the very best of intentions to work on Snow White this weekend, but I’m not convinced it’s actually going to happen. That said, I have already done my critting, so maybe I can squeeze some time in later on.

At this point, I’m seriously doubting my ability to write 50,000 words in one month. I’ve written so few words lately that it seems like a mammoth task, hell, I can’t even set myself down to hash out the outline for the novel even though I was feeling so passionate about it a week or so ago – lets just hope I can reclaim that zest when November rolls around.

Come Monday, that is the plan though – planning/outlining, setting myself up for November. I’m not really looking forward to it, though I think once I get stuck into it I’ll start feeling more positive again.

Obviously I just needed some down time, and to be perfectly honest I am hanging out for November when I’ve taken a break from all critique work and will be able to just write. No looking back, no deep thinking, no stressing out – just me and the first draft. Bliss.


10 thoughts on “Slacking off”

  1. You’re probably just storing up your writing energies for next month, what with the reasonable-but-not-insane one month deadline and all. So you’re not writing… It happens. There are times when I would rather be poking out my eyeballs with a rusty spoon rather than fixing a horribly mutilated paragraph for the umpteenth time.

    Consider the last week as your batteries recharging, rather than a failure to create. You’ll probably find that you can get a more balanced and cohesive novel banged out in November if you don’t stress it too much. Worrying about the lack of writing is a positive sign, because it means you want to write.

    Try to find a day (one whole day) before November 1st, and do nothing. Sit on your ass, watch some television or pop in a DVD. Relax. For an entire month you will be pushing your brain to come up with amazing and insightful writing, so make sure that you will have a completely stress-free day before you go into overdrive mode.

    Not so easy, I know, but proper preparation for the fun and stress of NaNo should pay dividends when your 25 days into the writing…

    …Speaking as someone who hasn’t even managed to decide on a story yet.

    1. Heh, I hope you find your story soon! It’s nice to know at least what I am dealing with, and who I’m dealing with as well. I’m sure, as you say, everything will fall into place, am having a hard time getting my head around the fact that November is actually so close now!

      Oh and I will definitely be taking that day off, for nothing, though it will have to wait til I am finished critiquing this novel, only 8 more days til then!

  2. I’m feeling really flat about NaNo at the moment too. I think it’s just cos we’re stuck in the middle of Oct and if I was still really excited I would burn out by the 1st. I’ll make myself think about planning from labour weekend, and then hopefully the excitement will come back.
    You should be so proud of how much writing & related stuff you have got done this year. You’re awe-inspiring!

    1. Aw thank you 🙂 that’s lovely to hear!

      I think your plan about starting to think about it after labour weekend is a good one – if I hit a wall on Monday I’ll be doing the same thing! Got a birthday party to organize to keep me busy anyways lol. Oh and hey, you have plenty of stuff going on which is distracting, so don’t be too hard on yourself.

  3. The 50k mark is so much scarier before you begin, and then scary again at the one week mark, when you have just over 10,000 words and a constant exhaustion hangover from the late nights.

    Once you hit week 3, it’s all easy sailing. You’ll feel like a war vet trudging downhill to your next engagement. Don’t lose heart early!

    1. haha thanks for the encouraging words! No late nights for me though… and no rushing across the finish line either. I’m envisioning that it will turn out to be fairly steady and uneventful.

      If I’m on form I can write the required daily amount in under an hour, so it’s simply a matter of claiming back that time for myself from the family and house. It sounds so simple, but trust me, it’s not.

  4. You can do it!! I’ve felt like a bit of slacker as of late, too, though I’ve been at least somewhat productive. Today is my get-down-to-business day, too – how’s yours going?

    Looking forward to NaNo! I think I’m going to take the plunge and go for it. I think. 🙂 Hope you have a great, productive, less-slacky week!

    1. I hope your Monday goes better than mine! lol was totally derailed… I’m starting to get stressed now, though that’s not about the writing…

      1. It’s going well so far for me – by your time zone, it seems you are on Tuesday now, how fun! It’s been an interesting combination of productive and somewhat derailed. Long phone call from my mother, lunch break with my husband, coffee break for the sake of a coffee break, etc….I’m so easily distracted, haha.

        I wrote a post this morning publicly declaring my goals for this week, though, so that’s sort of helping to keep me in my seat and working. 🙂

        Just read your latest post, too, and I hope all the things you’re feeling anxious about get better soon!

  5. After the weekend/birthday party/visitors have been and gone things will go back to normal thankfully 🙂
    I hear you on being easily distracted lol but glad to hear you are making progress!

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