No contest

Yesterday I mentioned that I had two ideas which I was going to play off against each other today to come up with my NaNoWriMo novel.

I’m declaring the winner the shiny new/old novel. There is no contest. It’s big, it’s scary, it’s beyond me, it’s devouring my thoughts and there is no way I can not write it.

The other novel will get written at some point, there is absolutely no question about it, and while I was firing on all cylinders for it a few weeks back, it just can’t compete with the other idea right now. Half of what NaNo means to me is trying new stuff, throwing caution to the wind and having a wild ride of a month – Riana doesn’t mesh with that, not because it won’t be fun to write, but because it’s an old world, with old characters, and I know how the story ends so I don’t desperately need to find out what happens. I enjoy nano most when it’s an exploration, which is what the new shiny is…

I am so lost in the idea though, it’s huge, I don’t even know where to begin with my research. (I have though – trans-dimensional travel, universal gods, post apocalyptic stuff, some science ideas that I certainly hope I can get my head around before the month starts).

I finally have some characters at least! I knew who they were, but they didn’t want to tell me their names, finally pinned them down an hour or so ago: Lyssa and Jareth are twins andΒ professional ‘acquisition agents’ Β (they refuse to let me call them thieves) living on a post-apocalyptic Earth.

I need a title now, and then I can play with a banner and a cover… and I desperately need to talk to my Mum, because funnily enough, she’s going to be able to give me a lot of great advice for this novel! I sent her a text message before and I bet now she is wondering what on earth I’m going to be writing about hehehe.

Anyways, I need title help. I’ll try and come up with some kind of blurb, I’m making a list of prospective titles and there will be a poll! My first ever. I’m excited. About everything… So much fun.

Oh, and if you don’t have me as a friend on NaNo yet, you can find me here πŸ™‚


17 thoughts on “No contest”

    1. LOL omg, I’m laughing so hard right now, I almost snorted water out my nose. I should know better than to drink and read by now.

      No… she’s actually an early childhood type person, which has nothing at all to do with my novel (hence her confusion!) – she is also however, a woman with a wonderful brain, who knows more about physics stuff than I do, and will have lots of knowledge that will help me out!

    1. it is, for sure, I’ve been doing a lot of reading today, so much that I think I’m getting a little off track! Focus focus… how is your nano idea coming along?

      1. It’s going reasonably well – I’ll be going in quite blind, though I am doing research which is turning new things up all the time. I’m needing to work out how my character manages to be so well functioning in a world she didn’t grow up in, and to write her as her age, not mine.

        I think you could come up with a lot of titles which were [adjective] acquisitions (strange, dangerous?)

  1. Ah, I so identify with you on this! My NaNo idea refuses to leave me alone, and thus I find myself committing to November even though I’m completely wrapped up in my other novel. I’m so excited about it, though. Like Anna, I’m going in a bit blind. I just started a little bit of research today, which opened a magnificent can of worms, lots of ideas to sort through (which could be problematic or amazing, I guess). Like you, I have no idea how it will end. I really want to find out, and see where my characters take me.

    Sunday is so close, yet so far away… =) Awesome that your past few days have been so productive! Hope today is another great one!

    1. Well it’s been fun even if not productive! I am making headway with this idea though and have been really enjoying the research. I’m going to be blind in a lot of respects too, I only know the beginnings of the novel and the overall issues that the characters aren’t really aware of just yet!
      Good luck with your idea, sounds like we’re all going to have a great month!

  2. @Anna, I hadn’t thought of using the acquisition word, acquire might work in some way… the thing they are meant to be getting is important to the overall story, but its really just the beginning of something a whole lot bigger that they are about to get caught up in. Fun times ahead!

  3. Proper titles, background research and factfinding is for the editing stage, and you shouldn’t be editing as you write. I’m blasting out the first draft (*cough* on my blog, all month long *cough*) then going back and tidying it up to see if it will be of any worth…

    Read the NaNoWriMo rules page. πŸ™‚

    1. Don’t worry, I don’t edit as I write, no way – but, knowing a few basic things about what I’m writing is helpful, and NaNo says outlines are fine! Not that the whole thing will be outlined, I just need to have a more solid idea of what the heck is going on…. or I’ll get more lost and the words won’t come, and we don’t want that right? lol

      And I need to call it something, lol I refuse to refer to is as my ‘nano-novel 09’ for the whole month.

      I’ll be reading your blog too, just so you know!

  4. I’m not guaranteeing quality. I’m guaranteeing length (and I’m so gonna nail that 50k) but everything else can wait until I hit the rewrite stage.

  5. Wow, this is exciting! I’m glad you have resolved the dilemma, and that it’s left you amped for Nov to start. I’m going to leave my final decision til Friday and get organised on Sat.
    Have fun with the research πŸ˜€

    1. I was actually thinking about it last night, and am considering putting up excerpts, it’s not something I’ve really done in the past but it could be fun!
      Have I got you as a buddy on nano? I can’t remember who I added and who I didn’t!

  6. Hi JC!

    I am just popping in after you came by, and am amazed that as a full time mom/domestic goddess (:)) you can participate in Nano!
    You must share your secret with me!!
    Sounds like you made the right decision – going with the story that needs to get out. Good for you – and I look forward to finding out about your progress. Very fun blog!

  7. Yeah, we’re buds! πŸ™‚

    I put up experts, mostly for the sheer joy of dipping as many toes into the NANO ocean as possible…

    Only three more days (not including today), but maybe for you, 2? Lucky lady!! Hee hee…

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