Help me find a working title!

I’m thrilled to be able to have my first ever poll on the blog!

Due to a teething baby who insists on being held all day it’s been slow progress getting to this point, but I was browsing the nano forums and stumbled upon this thread, and thought it would be a good place to start. Basically, summarise your novel in 20 words (or less). I’ve never been good at writing ‘the sentence’ but I thought I’d give it a shot and within 30 seconds I had this:

Twins seek a way to unlock the vibrational code which will allow them to ascend to the next dimension.

Not bad, not bad. It seems as though I actually know whats going on in my story now! Not bad for a couple days thought. Anyways, I pressed on and finally got a blurb sorted tonight – it’s rough, but it’ll do for now. I just needed to get something down

People have begun to disappear from the streets, but no-one knows where to, or why. Despite this Lissa and Jareth, twins and ‘acquisition agents’, still need to make a living, so when they are offered a huge sum to retrieve a book from a rundown temple, they are willing to run the risk.Β But it turns out that the book is not what it seems and as people are being murdered in the streets outside, Lyssa and Jareth find themselves infected with a strange code and sealed, unconscious, within the temple.

When they are woken several years later, it seems that life in their post-apocalyptic world has only gotten worse – the Gods have made themselves visible and have all but enslaved those who remain. The twins, guided by spirits from another dimension, must find a way to shatter the Gods signal and free humanity to seek ascension.

Anyways… I’m really bad at titles, I’ve played around a bit but am not sure what to go with. I think one is leading the way for me at the moment but I am putting them to the poll and it will be interesting to see what other people think!


15 thoughts on “Help me find a working title!”

  1. Oooh, sounds interesting! I wrote in a suggestion – Temple (or The Temple) – just thought I’d explain why. It intrigues me, since the temple sounds like the catalyst location for all sorts of strangeness. I also like it because temples are generally linked with sanctuary, safety, and peace; however, though they do find years of (unconscious) rest inside, the temple is anything but a place of peace and safety.

    I really like your titles, too! If I had picked one of those, it would have been Through the Veil. This sounds like a fun one to write!

    1. yeah I am so sick of not having titles that it’s now my mission to give every story/novel one, even if it’s changed at a later date!
      Thanks for voting

  2. I voted for Through the Veil, but I equally liked The Moments Between (and I also think TMB sounds more unusual, TTV kind of sounds like the title of a Harry Potter fanfiction).

  3. The Moments Between has a different connotation for me. I would be thinking of an adult literary or romance with that title. Working just from the blurb:

    Chaos Gods
    Code of Ascension
    Ascension Code

    I voted in the poll also πŸ™‚

  4. No no, it’s just that I didn’t expect a poll is all. I think that Chasing Ascension is an excellent title. It sounds a little bit more modern, and adds a little action to grab you… in just two words.

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