Two day in, 4.5k down

only 44,500 words to go! well, this month anyways…

The thing is, even when I reach 50K I can’t stop, this novel will probably see me through til the end of the year, and my daily word goal will drop back to 1.5k once November ends.

I’ve hit the end of my planning, so from here on out it’s all down to the story, the characters, and whatever else crops up along the way. I’m not at all worried, because this is how I write most of the time and especially for 50K a month challenges. I know roughly where I want the story to go, no idea how it will end… part of the joy of the journey! Ah fun times ahead.

Last night I resorted to my first rounds of ‘Write or Die‘ for the month, I’m sure there will be many more ahead of me. It’s a great way to force yourself to stop thinking about other things, stop checking the net and get on with it, and it’s really nice to know that I can still get out 500+ words in ten minutes! Give it a go if you haven’t before, it might turn out to be a lifesaver.

Anyway… Lauren is still teething, poor poppet, but her sleep was much better last night so fingers crossed we’re heading out of the mega grumpy zone. I’m pretty sure she’s got a minor ear infection, but they never give her antibiotics for it anyways so I’ve just been giving her some baby pamol for it, which finally, after a year, she seems to be okay about taking without spitting it all out WOOOO! Makes life so much easier.

We’ve got a pretty low key week ahead, and nothing major happening this month as far as I know, so I’m looking forward to enjoying the writing and life in general šŸ™‚

Hope everyone else is still doing well with NaNo! and if you’re not taking part, then I just hope life is treating you kindly.


5 thoughts on “Two day in, 4.5k down”

  1. nice word count! i, too, have no idea where things are going in my novel. frankly, it looks like a hot mess. i’m hoping as i really get into the thick of it, things will clean up.

    ear infections are THE WORST. my daughter had to get tubes in her ears at 1.5 years because they were so frequent & so awful. they caused her to have febrile seizures && i’m fairly certain any more than the 2 we’ve had would have killed me. having a child is like scrubbing my nerves raw!

  2. Doesn’t it seem like so much MORE when you flip it around to how much there is left? You’re doing great, though. Write or Die or not, it’s still writing.

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