A day off writing

I didn’t write a word yesterday… initially I thought that I might put something together for A.M.Harte”s searchterm writing challenge, but no ideas are jumping up and down and my brain is pretty fried.

If you haven’t yet put an entry in, there is still time! Check out the first stories up here and here, both well worth reading.

Anyways, evidence that my brain was fried came in three parts: a) I had to spell my name three times to get it right. My own name… b) I put the garlic bread into the oven with the plastic wrap still on it (thankfully I checked it before it got too hot and managed to salvage the bread and not wreck the oven!) and c) I then tried to wash the frying pan with olive oil instead of dish washing liquid…

We won’t mention the fact that I couldn’t even follow simple instructions off the back of the curry packet, because hey, I always seem to mess up the curry and no it’s not to spite my husband who is the biggest curry lover in the house. I’ve actually grown to like them too.

Hah, I started this post three hours ago and am only now getting a chance to post it… might as well sign off. I MAY have an idea finally for the writing challenge, but we’ll see if I get the time to write it now!


11 thoughts on “A day off writing”

  1. Hmmm, you’re getting to be as bad as I am. Only three attempts to spell your name right? I’ve sat looking at a form trying to remember my birthday for ten minutes, spent an hour trying to access my e-mail with the wrong password, burnt myself on the kettle (yes, it is possible)… I swear, there’s something in the water making everyone dumb.

    Just keep repeating “Tomorrow will be better, tomorrow will be better, tomorrow will be better…”

    1. it is better! lol I’ve written my 2k today (before 3pm even… its normally 10pm by the time I get done), feeling very happy, my characters have stopped floundering and are heading into enemy territory so things are just going to get more interesting. Woo!
      I’ve had the birthday thing as well, lol thankfully today my brain seems less fried!

      1. LOL too funny. The idea if firming itself up now actually, I just need a chance to write it – maybe after I cook dinner.

        What are you doing awake at 4am??? lol

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