Maybe a day off was exactly what I needed, because I wrote just over 4,500 words yesterday!

Feeling so thrilled about it as well, loving the direction Chasing Ascension is taking and I managed to write a first draft for the search term challenge as well, though whether it’s actually good enough to put forward I’m not sure yet! I felt so on fire with the writing stuff yesterday that I was tempted to push on, to really make my word count rocket, but I knew that the payoff would be feeling exhausted this morning and probably not writing a thing.

It’s way better to pace yourself and go the distance than to go hard and burn yourself out. Well, in my opinion anyway, a lot of people seem to enjoy writing in fits and starts, but I’m really happy with the steady pace I’ve set. And hey, I’m tired enough on a normal day as it is, don’t want to make it any harder on myself!

Anyway, just a quick writing update, I’ve gotta have a coffee or something (apparently I can drink it again now, I just don’t crave it…) to kick start myself this morning. Am really looking forward to getting stuck into the writing later though!

P.S: absolute cuteness is Ivy reading books to Lauren. She’s been such a great big sister the last few days, really stepping up and helping me out by reading the occasional story. She finally gets that just because she can’t read the words, doesn’t mean she can’t tell a story about whats happening in the pictures! I can see her creativity blooming there as she weaves tales for Lauren, sometimes very similar to the original story, sometimes completely different. Beautiful.


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