Have you got style?

And I’m not talking about writing here, I’m talking wardrobe sense. I’m making no apologies for being completely off my normal topic though!

I have zero style, sometimes less than zero. I’m a hodge podge of things that ‘don’t look terrible on me’. Seriously, when I shop, that is my main goal – to get stuff that doesn’t look really bad.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always end well. Not looking bad is not the same as looking fab.Β I generally buy one thing at a time, and hardly ever stop to think about how an item of clothing would look with any of the other pieces of clothing that I own. Sure I have a couple of nice bits, but everything is pretty much just there to tide me over to that one day when I’ll have the figure I want and the money to go nuts and actually attain some kind of style.

You know, that fairy tale day, the one that isn’t likely to ever happen – at least not any time soon with all this baby making business!

So I’ve decided that regardless of the fact that my body is going to swell and grow over the next 7 months or so, (regardless of the fact that after that it will be a long slog to getting to where I really want to be physically) I’m sick to death of shopping for things that don’t look bad and it’s about time I decided what I want to look like and go for that.

But still, I don’t really know where to start.

I went shopping today though and I feel good about it. Yes, the three items I bought ARE all black, and no, black is not a style (I wish it was, that way I could say I have a style lol). But the top looks good with the pants, and the dress is in a style that looks fantastic on me, and all three items will fit for the duration of the pregnancy and afterwards, so I feel like I shopped smart if nothing else and that is already an improvement.

So what’s your style? How do you decide what you want to look like? Or have you just basically been wearing the same kinds of things as you have for years and don’t stop to give a second thought to your purchases? I would really love to hear how other people do it.


21 thoughts on “Have you got style?”

  1. LOL. My first wife was very much into style and she had tons of it. One day we were having a dispute about it (as one does) and the closing exchange went:

    HER: You’ve got no style.

    ME: (plaintively) I’ve got style.

    HER: Well, yes, but your style has no style.


    1. lol that is so hilarious… I can imagine having that same conversation with some people! I wish ‘black’ was a style, lol then I’d be off the hook πŸ˜‰

  2. Rofl Graham!

    I used to have a style. Now lack of money and post-baby tummy mean I go for comfortable and plain.

    One day I hope to buy something pretty again πŸ˜‰

    1. I’m with Graham on this one: buy pretty stuff now. Your body may not be perfect, but it’s beautiful all the same, and we totally deserve to feel good about the way we look πŸ™‚

  3. Merrilee, don’t wait! Do it now. My experience of women is that not a single one of them ever believes they look better now than they did ten years ago. What’s more, at every point in time, they look back at their decade-younger self and say, “I used to look OK back then. I wish I’d known at the time.”

    1. That is SO true Graham, and part of the reason I’ve decided to buy things that look great. I may never have the perfect body, but I can enjoy the one I have and make the most of it. No point putting it off, gotta make the most of what you have every day, today, not at some distant point in the future.

      1. LOL too funny. I tend to do that as well. I have started thinking that it won’t be long before Ivy is thinking about image though and I want to be a good role model and not have her be embarrassed about me cause her Mum is such a freak πŸ˜‰ lol She already gets enough flack about me not wearing shoes!

  4. Given I’m an unashamed hip hop freak, I’m fairly fixed in my style. Oversized t-shirts, hoodies, sports pants and big boots. Nothing hanging off my ass, it just ain’t practical style wise! I need to get from point A to B quickly and confidently.

    I’m also an unashamed label basher; Dickies and Adidas mostly. And a stackload of NFL and NBA tops.

    I might be a slave to fashion and my hip hop culture but you know what they say about ‘those guys’ when it comes to fashion sense πŸ˜‰ Fav colors black, white, red and yellow. Can’t go wrong with the staples.

    1. lol no, you can’t. Though I really don’t do yellow πŸ˜‰ haha black, white, purple and a turquoise colour are about all you’ll find in my cupboards!

  5. I’ve been wearing the same thing for over ten years, pretty much what I wore in high school.

    Levi’s 501 Jeans year round except on hot days when I wear shorts

    t-shirts in summer (and spring and autumn here in California)

    long sleeved t-shirts in winter

    turtlenecks on really cold days

    sweatshirts/hoodies/sweaters to top it off

    I have NO dress trousers (and am trying to decide if I’ll wear jeans to my nephew’s dedication in two weeks times instead of a skirt) but I do have three skirts and nice blouses for weddings, funerals, etc.

    That’s me. Absolutely the most dressed down I can get away with.

  6. I think I have a style, only recently refined by being forced – out of desperation to buy something, anything, that looked OK, to try on something I would never usually wear. So the current style is:

    Tops that are gently fitted to the bust, V necks (a must for someone with a short neck and multiple chins LOL), sligthly gathered at the front to zoom over the tummy, length is critical – to get some balance, and trousers – not jeans, but dressier pants. Very few skirts do anything for me other than make me look way wider than I am, so good pants are crucial. Elastic waistlines, and most of them are slightly dropped so the pants skim the tummy and hips rather than cling. Oh, and expensive casual footwear – need to be comfortable!

    Saw a stylist friend of mine on TV the other day and she made the comment that most women are in “waiting rooms” somewhere – waiting to lose weight, waiting until the summer, waiting until they can afford it – you get the idea. She reckons the body we have now is as good as it is going to get – so get on with it. Horrible thought when you’re obese but hey, I’d rather be obese and dress well than obese and look plain dowdy – did that for years and years with little kids then saw a large woman walking across the road who looked stunning and realized that was achievable! So, clothes that look good, a good hairdresser who gets it right for you and for me, tint the lashes and eyebrows so always got a kinda made up look – don’t do make up other than that.

    Hmm, having said all that, does that equate to a style?

    I’ll need to trust Lisa – the stylist friend. When I asked her to style me, she said ” You don’t need styling, you have a style of your own and it works girl!” – don’t you just love those kind of friends LOL

    Oh, her other advice – spend the money on buying the everyday wear that makes you look great. If you wear jeans everyday, buy the pair that makes you look absolutely fabulous and wear them lots, don’t “save them” for something special, you’re special everyday. Ditto for dress pants, I guess ditto for skirts, or dresses. Having basic items which you look great in and feel great in are the base for adding in flair through accessories – she swears they are our friend, can change our mood and our look very quickly and cheap as.

    I don’t do jewellry or accessroies generally but I do invest in gorgeous handbags now and then, current one is drooled over wherever I go LOL

    1. Yeah, I think that whole ‘having everyday things you love to wear’ is really important. especially as a stay at home mum.
      I’ve done that whole seeing bigger girls looking fantastic thing as well, and if they can do it, why can’t I? lol I’m getting there.

  7. That depends. Is ‘practical’ a style? LOL Somedays I care about how I look, but always more in that “I wish I were…” sort of way.

    But 90% of the time… I just want something I can wear to classes, walk in, go tromp around with a bunch of dogs that are bowling all over me and still be able to hit the grocery store if I have to. Which means… stuff that doesn’t show a lot of dirt or dog hair, good for whatever weather is happening outside, and looks decent. For work, I do try and find things that look good on me, but are plausible for the environment (bending over and scooping up books while not flashing people).

    1. I think practical is a style, you have a very busy lifestyle and having a wardrobe that works for everything is definitely a must. Sounds like you have it sorted!

  8. Oh, IΒ΄m still really working on this one, but something IΒ΄ve seen people do – and IΒ΄m yet to get round to it – is experimenting with putting outfits together using polyvore.com.

    1. I’d never heard of that site before, will have to take a look and see whether it would be useful for me or not. I think this is one of those things a lot of people are working on, most of their lives!

  9. Lately, I’ve been buying a lot of skirts & dresses…they’re so cute and I’ve found them at good prices. Problem is, I tend to go for blue jeans whenever I get dressed. I’ve been making an effort to look cute, though, even if I’m wearing the jeans…my favorite things, as of late, are my cardigans. I’ve got a yellow one and a teal one, and they look cute with everything. I layer them over gray tank tops, or other shirts that match. Add to that a long gold necklace (a simple one with few, but classy, details) or some simple earrings, perhaps a scarf to go with it, and some flat shoes.

    If I had enough money laying around, though, I’d order everything from the J.Crew catalogue. Until I’m rich, or until people decide to give me gift cards for Christmas/birthday, I’ve decided to just study how they layer clothes and pair outfits, then try to do the same.

    1. Sounds like a good plan, I really need to think about how I want to look in order to mimic it though. I’m very lucky that some of my family do give me cash for birthdays etc so that I can buy clothes, not having an income of my own means its usually the last thing I think to spend the family money on!

      I really like skirts and dresses, am so pleased its coming into summer cause that means I get to wear more of them.

      You sound like you have style πŸ™‚

  10. Black pieces are important! Next time you go shopping you can have those three pieces in mind and buy colourful pieces that will go with them. That way you don’t have to worry about colours clashing or whether spots go with stripes just yet. πŸ™‚

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