‘That’ time of year

I can’t remember who said it, it was quite likely a few of you – but this is a terrible time of the year to be trying to get anything done. I don’t know why I thought I could work against the trend and stay on top of things, but I was definitely wrong.

Life has taken over once again. I’ve had to spend a few days sorting out Christmas presents, yesterday was spent visiting with my Aunt and cousin (which was actually really nice), there is house work to do and stuff to organize and for some reason Lauren seems to have decided that she only needs 1 hour of sleep during the day – she is SO wrong, but I’m yet to convince her otherwise. Also this leads to her going to bed much earlier and then waking at 4am thinking its time to get up and it taking at least an hour to get her back to sleep. It gives me very little time to actually get any of my own work done, that’s for sure, needless to say that the chunk of night I’m awake for is doing nothing for my energy levels.

So progress on the rewrite is slow, very slow. And in the meantime I sent Birth Rights off to a good friend and got some absolutely fantastic feedback which has set me up for a rewrite of that too before I can submit it to that competition – thank goodness the deadline isn’t til the end of January otherwise I don’t think I’d make it. I really hope I DO make it, and will be trying my best to. I think I’ll just stick with the current rewrite for now though rather than switching paths yet again. That seems to happen too often and I don’t want to make a habit of it.

So much to do! Never enough time. Instead of spending any more time blogging though, I best get to work and try to get a little writing done – before that baby wakes up and I have to try and convince her that she should really just keep sleeping for a little longer.

Hope you’re all well and having a nice build up to the festive season!


8 thoughts on “‘That’ time of year”

  1. I had some plans to do some writing this month, but got worn out in November, and have only piddled around with minor edits, just enough to keep the brain engaged. Definitely a good month to lie low and enjoy family.

    Hope Lauren gets her mind back to sleeping soon!! πŸ™‚

    1. It’s still there! Never fear, our web guy has been emailing tech support for our hosting to resolve the problem and we should be back in business soon. I’ll try and remember to drop you an email when the site is up and running again – we’re all missing our fix I think!

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