A rough start

Honest, I’ve been trying, really I have! Life is not being very kind to my writing though. The first day I had hoped to get some done when Hubby took the girls out, but they ended up not being gone long and I didn’t get another chance until bed time. Diligently I took the laptop to bed with me thinking I could crank some words out then.

The laptop had other ideas. For some reasons all the internet settings had disappeared, and to be honest I don’t know what they are so I couldn’t just put them back in – I’d started writing in google docs earlier in the day, this wasn’t helpful. So I opened Word, thinking I’d just start again (I only had one sentence at that point!), but it seems we’ve used it too many times without putting the code in (which I still haven’t gotten around to finding….) so I couldn’t type a thing!

So I switched to notepad…. ack, how horrible!!! There isn’t even a word count on it! So I thought I had written around 500 words before calling it a night – turns out after I entered it all into the PC this morning it was only 310. Ah well, it was a start, even if not a very good one.

Today has not been much better. My children are conspiring against me, and while I love them to bits, I really actually want to write at the moment. I’ve doubled my word count though and have 20 mins left on the laptop before the battery goes flat, so heres hoping I crack that 1,000 word mark tonight.

Wish me luck! And happy children who sleep well, and sweet dreams for myself too (why is it that I only dream about getting drunk when I’m pregnant??? And in my dreams I always know I’m pregnant and I wouldn’t be drinking but I am anyway? Perhaps because it’s the only place I can safely have a glass of wine right now?…. I ramble…)

Off to write some more….


8 thoughts on “A rough start”

  1. Oh, good luck! Hope things work out tomorrow. I’ve only just cracked 1,000 words myself, now there’s like, 19 more to go XD

    1. It did, I’m glad it’s behaving now, I think it was just mad cause it had been neglected for a few weeks. Life is always conspiring against me…. but I’ll persist. I don’t have another choice!

  2. So sorry to hear the writing has been kinda difficult lately, but at least you haven’t given up on it! πŸ™‚ I’ve definitely had seasons like that – last summer, we had important weddings to go to/be in every third week or so (my sister, my cousin, two close friends). They were mostly out of town and it was so hard to get myself to focus on anything, and it was so frustrating! I’d keep trying to sit down, and got very little accomplished when I did. Fortunately, when all the traveling and wedding-mentality died down, I actually got a chance to focus and was so motivated to work that it ended up being really good for my writing. I found that my ideas had had a chance to sink in and take root during that time, and lots of cool developments happened subconsciously.

    All that to say: hang in there! I can’t imagine having kids, being pregnant, and still trying to write. I’m amazed by those of you who do. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ It’s a tough thing, sometimes I wonder why I bother, but then the answer is that I don’t have a choice. Writing is just about the one I do for myself – trust me to have a passion that can be so fickle at times!

  3. I had to laugh, even though I know you’re having a rough time. Your laptop is the most contrary little piece of machinery I’ve ever heard of (it must be in league with Ivy!) Try to sign on tomorrow if you can; I’d like to talk to you about the were story.

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