There really IS a baby in there

I know, I know – was there ever any doubt?

It’s crazy to say, but some days I did wonder. Maybe my growing belly was just overindulgence from Christmas/New Years, maybe I was feeling a bit off colour cause I’m so tired, and we all know that I already have two children who like to help me out with getting less sleep than I should. My symptoms this time around have been minimal compared to last time, so I did wonder.

But I had my midwifes appointment yesterday and for the first time we heard this baby’s heart beating. It was there the moment that doppler touched my belly, I could hear it without doubt, a heart beat, a good strong heart beat and yes that makes it way more real. There really IS a baby in there.

Only another 4-6 weeks until we get our scan, and hopefully this wee one is feeling co-operative and we’ll get to see whether its a boy or another girl. I don’t mind either way, though I know a lot of people hope it’s a boy. Don’t worry baby, I’ll love you as much no matter what you are.


4 thoughts on “There really IS a baby in there”

  1. 🙂

    I don’t know what that’s like since I’ve not had a baby, but I can imagine it’s quite an awesome experience. 🙂 Congrats again!

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