Half a month down

And not a lot to show for it – well, other than that I feel like I’m on track. Which is probably a strange thing to say, seeing as I haven’t gotten anything done. But I am back from the brink of sleepless insanity, I feel so great about the fact that we’ve got a new car (in laws are picking it up for us today!), and Lauren’s sleep seems to be getting sorted out that the other stuff doesn’t really matter.

I read this post by Joseph this morning and it was really refreshing. He’s not writing because it feels good to have a break.

Man, I need to say stuff like that more often. There are always going to be excuses/reasons that we’re not writing (goodness knows that I and many other writers I know can find one very easily). But I think it takes a fair bit of confidence in oneself to say that you are not writing because you’re choosing not to write, because you’re enjoying not writing for a period of time.

We all need to top up the tanks, and there are a million ways that one can do that – whats important is that we DO it. Without the excuses. Without the reasons. It is enough to simply not write because its enjoyable, because you need the down time.

And I think thats about all I have to say. I’m enjoying not writing right now as well. The words will still be there later.


5 thoughts on “Half a month down”

  1. I know a lot of writers who are simply taking a break right now… Katee, for one, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Sadey was, too. I think sometimes you just need that down time whether you want it or not. The hardest part is knowing when you’ve had enough, when you need to get back to work, and encouraging yourself to do so. Hope you enjoy your break (though it would be great if said break could include being on MSN once or twice?).

    1. Lol, yes ma’am, I shall get on MSN more frequently – we just have really bad timing lately for some reason.

      I guess January is just a good recharge month.

  2. Here here!! While when I am writing, it’s consuming, there are times when life takes precedence, ha ha. Seriously, there are just moments, some short, some long, where the written word isn’t the task of the day. All that we do and be are the layers that make our writing deeper, adding necessary layers. We have to LIVE, in all manners, to express that which is waiting inside.

    And believe me, it’s there, only percolating. When the time is right, those words will pour! 🙂

  3. Totally agreed. And Chibi nailed it. I’ve been on a break. Started as I was supposed to revise an old manuscript to give myself some time off… Turned out, I needed more than that. A complete, nothing to do break. I’m getting about ready to go back though, but it’s been a nice month/two months off.

    Sometimes you just have to call it quits for a little while. Heck I’m known for doing in the middle of NaNo and then picking back up again in the last week. It’s rare that I don’t need a break in the middle of a story to step back and see it and make sure I’m on track. Even rarer if I don’t need one, even a small one, between one book and the next. You have to recharge those writing batteries somehow.

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