And we’re off

for a couple of days at least. Going to visit the in laws and pick up the new car. YAY! new car!

Anyways, I probably won’t blog while gone, though we’re taking the laptop and I’m hoping to fit some writing in – typically I can get a fair bit done while we’re over there which is always great. I don’t think I’ll make it to the 20k mark, but I’m looking forward to seeing some progress.

I’m actually feeling a bit more together with all of that, and when I get home I’m going to write up a list of all the things there are to finish before baby comes and set things in motion. I’m feeling propelled forward.

Take care everyone!


7 thoughts on “And we’re off”

  1. Yes, I hope you have a good trip, too! Good luck with the writing, and with the motivation you feel that’s ‘propelling you forward.’ 🙂 I can never get anything done at the inlaws’ house (or at my own parents’ home, for that matter…). Have fun!!

    1. lol! I normally find time here, which is good. The kids play with their grandparents who we stay with and I actually manage to sneak in things like naps and writing which seem impossible when at home! I was lying on our bed yesterday afternoon while the girls were busy playing, thinking about how the last time I was here I was a couple months more pregnant than I am this time! lol

  2. Have fun on the trip! I love visiting family who will willingly take my kid for a while so I can pretend to act like a normal person for a bit! Bless family members who forgot what it’s like to have a tiny one running around all day.

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