And home again, thank goodness

It’s oh so good to be back. There is nothing quite like your own bed after some time away, the feeling of nice clean sheets and your own comforting space. Mmmm home.

The trip was good for the most part, we had fun, though the travelling bits were rather unpleasant. I think the ride home topped out as the worst when I drove past the last petrol place, had to drop the kids off with Hubby at a cafe for lunch so I could go back to get petrol, then got a flat tyre, couldn’t call hubby for help cause there was no cell phone reception… a very kind man changed it for me though (I can do it, but the tyres are big and heavy and I didn’t want to lift them while pregnant) and we were only delayed like…. 40 minutes I think, which is a long time with two small kids.

Anyways, it was a slow trip from then on the space saver… yuck, but we made it! And boy, we were all happy to be home and the dog was ecstatic to have us home too. There is nothing nicer than a warm doggy welcome.

I didn’t manage as much writing (or reading) while away as I had hoped. But I DID do some which is great. I still felt that desire to be productive when I got home and have since started working on finishing a rewrite I was in the middle of awhile back. Karen convinced me to finally join Masters of Horror and get the story sorted to submit it to their Anthology. I’m not actually thinking it will be accepted, but I’m taking the ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’ approach to things these days and it’s all about actual making the effort to put myself out there regardless of the outcome.

I also made up my list of stories that need finishing, rewriting, or editing and will get to work on some of those after this one is complete.

Fingers crossed everything goes well and this enthusiasm continues!

Hope everyone else is doing well 🙂


4 thoughts on “And home again, thank goodness”

  1. Hey, welcome home. Lists are great, have fun getting back into everything! Oh, are you still doing the new years novella? I kinda bummed out on that one lol

    1. I haven’t given up on the story, but I don’t think I’ll be ‘winning’ the challenge this month! lol it’s on my list of things to finish writing, and I am going to keep working on it after this story is out of the way – I should be finished it tomorrow all going well! If I hit 10K on Prima Data before the end of the month I’d be absolutely thrilled.
      Bummer that you don’t think you’ll finish yours! Did you get distracted by something else to write or life in general?

  2. um with me it was a bit of both! but at least you aint giving up on your story idea, good on you for seeing it through XD I’d like to finish my main project too, and then see what happens with the novella.

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