I’m drowning in this heat

Seriously, its so humid that it’s like standing in a sauna all day. I’m eternally grateful that I am not more pregnant than I am right now, and that I’m not as heavy as I used to be. I’m exhausted as it is!

Ivy had her first school visit yesterday, and after just 7 minutes of hanging around in her classroom, she told me I could go (10 mins before class started I should note!). She didn’t want to leave when I came to get her – so proud of how well she’s adjusting. And so relieved! After years of her not wanting me to leave her at daycare, she’s made the move to school with minimal fuss and clinging. I guess its just too exciting to worry about the little things just yet huh?

I’m really not in the writing mood… I think probably by mid next week I’ll have some more time to get back into things, but right now my main focus is on Ivy and making sure she’s doing okay with everything (and on this birthday party!). Not long now and she’ll be five and a proper school kid, then we can see what kind of shape my new day will take on.

Exciting stuff!


3 thoughts on “I’m drowning in this heat”

    1. Oh that sounds lovely… it was a tad cooler last night which was nice. The clouds are gone today so maybe it won’t be so hellishly sauna-like, but it’s meant to be very hot!

  1. heat, humidity??? what’s that?? I seem to have forgotten. I’m freezing in -20C over here!

    Yes, it changes completly when they go to school…but the days are still short short. we get home after school at 2:30 and then mad rush untill 7:30 bedtime, when we all fall down. Enjoy while they’re home. It goes so quickly, as you know.

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