The new routine starts today!

So, it’s Ivy’s official first day of school today – she went like a pro, all geared up and ready to go. SO proud of her. This means though that new routines are in place and we seem to be adjusting to them pretty well!

No TV in the mornings now (she’s not liking that at all! lol), off to school, then Lauren and I are doing the housework and gardening while it’s still cool enough to think. She’s napping now, and I am writing. Yes. I am. Not just blogging but actually writing. I’ve got to get used to this routine because I need to be productive over the coming months.

Soon, Lauren will wake, and we’ll play on the deck with some water, or maybe head out and do some errands. Then pick up Ivy, get them both bathed and sorted, a little TV and probably an early dinner and sleep for Ivy. Am guessing she is going to be pretty tired.

Dinner, bed for Lauren too. And more time for me.

Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

I’ve been thinking about this, and discussing it with Ivy for months now and it’s so strange to think it’s finally come about. She’s the kind of girl who needs to know the shape of her day well in advance of when it happens. Now that we’re here I realize how much I’ve been looking forward to this too, and how the time spent preparing seems to have paid off for me as well, like the day has no choice but to fall into the pattern I’ve been shaping for it for the last several months.

I feel really contented. It’s a lovely place to be.


6 thoughts on “The new routine starts today!”

    1. routine is so important, I get almost nothing done without it! And she had a blast, though she raked me over the coals for all the things I didn’t know. Tried telling her it was MY first day of her being in school too and to cut me some slack, but no…

    1. Thanks! I’m also very pleased I managed to follow through, despite running on so little sleep. In fact, routines like that are pretty much the only way to survive when you’re doing the ‘sleep deprived mummy’ thing!

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