What flavour?

So, the anatomy scan is on Friday morning and I want to see what you all think I’m having! Feel free to ask questions regarding the pregnancy if you think it might help you guess 😉

So far the chinese baby calendar thing says I’m having a boy, as does the wedding ring test.

Initially I thought it was a girl, though because I was wrong last time, I could easily be again this time around. Also part of the reason I keep saying its a girl is because everyone else seems to be saying its a boy and I’d feel really bad if it found out everyone wanted it to be a boy.

Ivy says it’s going to be a boy (and thinks we should call him Niko), and she was right about Lauren being a girl.

Hubby is currently the only male in the house and it would be hilarious if this was another girl. Well, I think so anyways 😉

So what do you think?


2 thoughts on “What flavour?”

  1. Sounds like fun! I am the one vote for girl so far…perhaps I’m wrong but I just think you’re destined for three little girls, haha. 🙂 (Your kids have the cutest names, by the way.)

    1. Thank you! Three girls would be awesome, I can picture it easily. A little boy in the house would certainly change the dynamics pretty dramatically I think! 25 hours til scan time….

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