Baby update

Once again, I appear to have a modest baby, hell bent on denying me the pleasure of knowing whether its a boy or a girl.

Once again, it sounds like I’ll need another scan though, so I have one more chance at finding out.

This time around, amazingly, I’m completely at peace with this! I was so disappointed when I couldn’t find out with Lauren, but this time around I am really not fussed at all.

The scan was pretty rubbish. Despite the fact that I had called pretty much as soon as I got the letter to reschedule the time, the lady who had given me my new time had neglected to update my file on the computer and so they weren’t expecting me. They said it was fine, though I overheard them 20 minutes after my appointment time pushing me back because the time was wrong.

Seriously, that’s just torture. The whole ‘full bladder’ thing is uncomfortable anyways, but adding an extra half hour + to the wait time? evil, pure evil.

After I’d gone to ask what the problem was, they did get me into a room and I soon had a scan. Albeit a very short one, not helped by the fact my beautiful wee babe had curled itself into a ball and wasn’t showing anything. I couldn’t even see its face, let alone its gender.

She’s going to suggest I have another scan, seeing as I walked out empty handed barring one photo of an arm, which could as easily be a leg bone, or any other bone for that matter. Gee and I thought Lauren’s 20 week scan was lame! lol

Am happy though, baby looks healthy, it’s definitely still there and alive and thats the main thing!


8 thoughts on “Baby update”

  1. It’s amazing how much you block out of the whole pregnancy/labor experience. I’d completely forgotten about the full bladder. Now that I do, it makes me want to go pee! -lol

  2. Oh goodness!
    Did you drink orange juice?
    MY doctor told me that trick back with my first ultrasound in my frist baby and does it ever work!
    Too bad they rushed it -with my daughter we could clearly see her reproductive system, and with this one, well it was apparent to all how male he was. Amazing how third baby later everything is so much clearer comapred to first.
    Will you have another scan at 32 weeks?

    Glad to hear all is well and healthy!

    1. orange juice? I had no idea! I saw my MW today and told her we couldn’t see much at the scan, so she’s requested another one, hopefully we won’t have to wait too long πŸ™‚

      They only tend to do 32 week ones if there are problems so fingers crossed we won’t need any more after this next one.

      Hope we can actually find out! Though I won’t mind if we can’t, hubby really wants to know, as does everyone else, and it would be nice to tell people so that I can stop hearing ‘you must be hoping for a boy’.

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