Idea overflow

Apparently now that I have set my brain to working out story problems, it’s also decided that I don’t have enough ideas, I need more!

Gah, if only there were more hours in the day. Currently I’m jotting down notes on everything that seems to be cropping up, and then letting my subconscious mull over the questions raised.

For instance, I had this insane dream last night about zombies, and zombie babies (except zombies don’t have babies, and they are really some other kind of creature that look like babies so that your first instinct isn’t to bash their heads in), and ghouls… and leaving the city for this weird swampy place where the zombies roam the swamps like lost animals and aren’t incredibly malicious. However the zombie babies which hang from the ceiling ARE and you have to bash their skulls in or they’ll do you some serious harm….

It makes me wonder: what could be so terrible about the city you live and work in that makes you choose to live in zombie infested swamp land on the fringe of society with no power or anything? (yet still commute to the city for work) It’s a really good question. I wonder if my brain can come up with an answer.

It’s something to do with babies I think. Everything is something to do with babies right now it seems, though none of it is pretty and lovely. It’s all rather weird and disturbing. Fingers crossed that nothing happens in the next few weeks to cause zombies to occur and force me out of the city. I was 5 months pregnant in the dream….

The plot for the other story is starting to build up nicely, though in order to get started on the writing I’ve decided to write a short about the beginning of Delaney’s life, and maybe I’ll get that done for the challenge.

If you haven’t stopped by yet and checked out the search terms you definitely should – who knows what strange new directions it might prompt you in.

Besides, Merrilee really needs to be dethroned, and someones gotta do it (which isn’t to say it will be me, so come on people, get your write on!)


8 thoughts on “Idea overflow”

    1. like I said, if I can get something done by then I will enter, but I’m not holding my breath. Then again, I said that last time and managed to we’ll see!

      1. He told me he’ll write on Monday, and I am holding him to it! I had to remind him that he came close last time, would be a shame to let another opportunity slip away 😉

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