Here we are again, at the halfway point of a pregnancy – okay, we’re just over (20 weeks 2 days) but it hit me on the way to school that we’re on the countdown now…. past that hump in the middle and working down towards the estimated date of arrival.


It feels like a really long time to go, while at the same time feeling like it’s coming up far too quickly. I cannot wait until this wee one arrives, but boy, there is still so much I want to do in the meantime!

I’m finally coming to a place where I don’t feel so rushed all the time though, which is a real blessing. If I don’t get something done today there are always going to be other days, other weeks, and other months. Hell, even other years. Subsequently I’m not worrying about life with three kids any more either. All the important stuff will get done, and all the other stuff will still be there to get around to eventually.

Not sure if I am writing today, though am certainly thinking about what to dive into next. Even contemplating working on some things that have already been started. Who knows, I might write tonight! Hubby is out of town with work, and providing I can get the kids into bed at a reasonable hour I could be tempted…. lets see what the day throws at me and how I can twist that into a story.

Speaking of… might try my hand at a modernization of the Gingerbread man story.


10 thoughts on “Halfway”

  1. “Past that hump in the middle and working down towards the estimated date of arrival” may not be the best choice of words considering the context. πŸ˜€

    1. LOL well, I AM pregnant and unfortunate word choices are just par for the course. I was trying to change Lauren’s nappy last night. As she ran bare bummed down the hall I called out something which was meant to be ‘bring your bum back here you rascal’ but came out sounding an awful lot like ‘bring your rum back here you bast…’

  2. I love, love, love, love, love fairy tale modernization stories. Love. It’s my preferred genre to read & write.

    Isn’t it unreal how drawn out pregnancy is, but the growing up stage is ridiculously fast? I wish it was flipflopped sometimes… I hated pregnancy.

    My mom, who had three kids, once told me that anything over 2 and under 6 was a piece of cake. Once you’ve already got a routine set for multiple, adding one more is a cinch. I’m sure you’ll Super Mom that with ease!

    1. Aw thanks! I hope so. I’ll have 2 under 2 for a few months, but I’m actually looking forward to the chaos of it all. Having Ivy at school is certainly working a lot better than when she was in preschool!
      I agree about that the growing up happens too fast. I look at Lauren at times and wonder where my baby went, but then I remind myself thats not a bad thing because there will be another baby soon and she’ll be my new little big girl.

  3. Oh, I wish I was were you are – I feel completely rushed right now! aghhh.
    I was going to write a whole lot of reasons why, but I stopped myself.
    You are right, there will be time, and if I don’t do all I hope to before baby comes, well then, later.
    PS. I feel huge, enermous. How can I get bigger? Third baby, really makes a difference. I feel so much more pregnant.

    1. Not too long to go, though chances are high your body will find a way to get bigger!
      Later can seem like a really long time away, but its always going to be there. It’s nice to be relaxed about it now – give me a couple months and I will no doubt be feeling really rushed though! I am really pleased I didn’t give myself any massive projects to try and finish before this baby arrives, though some days I feel like I am floating a bit, directionless.

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