Being courted by Delaney Jones

She‘s whispering in my ear an awful lot these days. It appears as though by giving her a voice, allowing her to spill her guts to me, I’ve opened a Pandora’s box that I never expected to find.

Not that I’m complaining. I don’t think I have ever had a character speak this clearly to me before, and I’m pleased that she is willing to wait to be written. Much like my dear Jessica Sloan – I have a feeling these ladies know that good things take time and they’ll get theirs eventually.

I’m learning so much about her life: her work, her family, her ‘sister’s and the lover that was recently murdered. I have to say that she isn’t a bad person, though her purpose in life is somewhat questionable. I’m working my way slowly towards an understanding though, of both her and her situation. It’s certainly going to be an interesting story to tell.

Hopefully, sometime in the near future I’ll get a solid idea of what format that will take. I’m getting the feeling there is too much here for a short story, yet I’m not sure a novel would be right either. Delaney promises me that it will all come clear in time, and I guess I am just have to trust her on that one.

In the meantime, I am moving on with other projects (she doesn’t seem to mind this splitting of my attention thankfully – I would hate to get on Delaney’s bad side). Tonight I finished up my entry for the latest search term challenge, being held over at ErgoFiction. Tomorrow I am hoping to start work on revising and finishing the story I stumbled across again just the other day, which should probably see me through to the end of the weekend.

Don’t forget, you still have a couple of days to get a story in! It looks like we have a lot more participants this time around, so even if you don’t intend to write, there should be lots of interesting stories to read.

And then I have to decide what to work on for NPI in March. I haven’t done one before, and have been pretty slack on my daily writing goals so I figured it would be a great way to finish off one of the larger projects I have sitting idle – at this point it will either be Chasing Ascension, or Prima Data. They both need to have first drafts completed, and having an extra incentive and some competition/motivation should give me the right boost.Β Β It looks like there will be quite a few participants and I am really looking forward to getting stuck in with them all.

If you need a little help writing daily, why not check it out? They all seem like lovely people and it might be just what you need.


9 thoughts on “Being courted by Delaney Jones”

  1. NPI is a guaranteed success rate, if you can stick with it. Most people seem to either drop out in the first few days, or make it all the way.

    Delaney sounds fascinating! Good luck with her. Maybe a novella? With ebooks becoming more prominent, there are actually quite a few small publishers looking for novella-sized content.

    The search term challenge is going to be a blast this time around – looks like we are going to break 10 participants. Will be a fantastic event πŸ™‚

    1. I’m pretty good at sticking to things once I get started, so hopefully NPI will get me back in the saddle.

      I have considered a novella, but it still doesn’t feel quite right… I think it’s not the right time to write it yet anyway, so I have a little time up my sleeve to work out the details. She’ll let me know πŸ˜‰ And she is fascinating! I might struggle a little with the writing of her, but I can’t deny her.

    1. yeah, I am hoping she’ll flow easily when I do write her lol but pleased it’s not something I have to tackle right this minute. I’m liking the more placid approach she has, it’s nicer than the demanding characters who want onto the page NOW.

  2. Between kids and characters, I am not surprised that you don’t have a lot of time for writing!

    I understand completely what you mean about characters in your head. Fortunately Tycelon has left me, but Medusa is slowly trying to shuffle in!

    1. Nice! I think it’s good to have someone there, it helps keep you connected, especially in this case for me as I’m not writing her right now.
      Time is definitely an issue for me right now, but I am getting better organized and trying to make the most of what I do have – not easy when you add in some severe sleep deprivation on the odd occasion!

  3. Delaney sounds like a cool intrigeing chick – look forward to meeting her and Please pretty please – Chasing Ascension! I soooo want to see a draft of that πŸ™‚

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