Let the reading commence!

So, the first story from the latest Search Term Challenge has gone up over at ErgoFiction. YAY!

And it’s a doozey, make sure you’ve not recently eaten, and are not feeling squirmish or anything before you pop on over and take a read. It’s titled ‘Cleaning the Sty with a Jigsaw Homemaker’, quite delightful if you’re into that kind of thing (which I kind of am…), let’s just say that I am pleased I had a nice bland cereal breakfast this morning!

I can’t wait to see what the next one is like. The beauty of this kind of challenge is that despite the fact you are all given the same jumping off point, the entries are generally incredibly different from each other, proof that we are diverse and unique creatures. Actually, kind of reminds me of Tama‘s Chapter One Rewrite Club – despite the fact we were all rewriting the first chapter of the same book, the way we did so was completely different to each other.

Anyways, there will be a new story posted daily, other than Wednesdays, which means that we have two weeks of short fiction reading ahead of us. I wonder who will be up next? I wonder who wrote the piece that is up now? Such delicious fun, seriously, if you didn’t participate this round, I encourage you to do so next time around and I hope you’ll stop by, give the stories a read and vote at the end for the one you liked most.


7 thoughts on “Let the reading commence!”

    1. LOL thats hilarious. No, not my piece, and I wouldn’t be allowed to say if it was anyways (but it’s not, honest, though I’m really looking forward to reading the comments that mine does get when it goes up).
      Part of the deal is that we can’t spill about which one we’ve written until after the voting, so that its all anonymous. I’m pretty much only linking to this one so that people know the first story is up and to keep checking in daily now 🙂 Free reading is good!

    1. I know, it’s going to be hard waiting until the end of the reading period to find out, let alone keep quiet on which one is your own! lol It is going to be fantastic though, so much fun.

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