And so March begins

Can you believe that it’s March already? It’s come around so very fast and with it, the latest round of the Novel Push Initiative, hosted by Nick Enlowe over at his site.

Basically, it’s to get people in the habit of writing every day and boy do I need a kick up the ass when it comes to that. I used to be stellar at it, several months ago I was pumping out 1,500+ words a day, every day. But it’s been a long time since I’ve been making that, pretty much as long as I’ve been pregnant actually and while I have no intention of getting back to that daily goal, I do want to work on writing every day.

Chasing Ascension is going to be the main project for the duration of the month, and I am hoping to get the first draft out of the way. First though, I’m sitting in the middle of  a short story and I need to get that finished before I can switch back, I’m going to attempt to finish shorts within a few days of starting them now otherwise I tend to forget where I was going 😉

Anyways, wish me luck! I have some other stuff to do today, but have a feeling it might be wise to get those 250+ words out of the way first 😉


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