small update

Nothing special, just to say that I am doing my writing every day like a good girl, though I haven’t managed to get over 500 words yet! Maybe today will be the day?

I’m feeling incredibly unenthusiastic about everything right now. I mean, I am loving the short story I’m writing, and I’m looking forward to getting into Chasing Ascension. I’m excited about the launch of the new version of Kiwi Writers that’s happening over the weekend and a couple of other things – but I just don’t feel enthusiastic. It’s like I KNOW I feel good about these things, but I just don’t have the energy to actually show it.

Kind of like I know that right now I should be working on that short story and not blogging, but… yeah. Or that I know I should have come up with something more interesting than this to say in a post, but I didn’t.

Ah well! Maybe tomorrow I’ll be feeling a little more alive about things. Maybe it’s that I’m trying not to consume any junk today but all I can think about is eating sweetened condensed milk from the can, or munching on spicy tomato munchos… Who knows.

Hope you’re all having a good day though. I better go and get some writing done before Lauren wakes up.


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