Kiwi Writers 2.0

I figured this probably deserved it’s own post – I’m thrilled to let everyone know that the new site is now LIVE and there seems to be a fair few people coming through and checking it out.

We had a couple of weeks to pull it all together, and Kerryn has done a wonderful job of learning drupal very quickly and getting everything in the right place. We’re still working out the ‘challenges’ aspect of the site, but I have no doubt that we’ll have that in place in the near future.

As it stands, there are heaps of improvements – you can now actually edit your forum posts, have more detailed info on your profile, have a profile image, subscribe to different threads and forums. And we have a shiny new critique and revision forum that only members can view, which will allow a lot more of that kind of interaction to occur on the site rather than off.

I’m stunned by how smooth things have turned out when we initially thought it was going to be a nightmare. I only wish I’d had more knowledge and time to give Kerryn more help with the technical side of things.

Anyways. It’s up and open for business! If you’re a member you should have received a couple of emails (the regular KW monthly news, and one from the new site with your login details). If you’re not a member yet, why not check it out?


3 thoughts on “Kiwi Writers 2.0”

    1. I have heard that from a couple people now! Will be bringing it up at the meeting this morning and hopefully we can resolve that very quickly. Thanks for letting me know πŸ™‚

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