It was inevitable

Lauren has a cold, I should have known I would get it too. It certainly adds to the generally bleh feeling I’ve had lately, what with the broken sleep and general lethargy.

Anyways! Gotta push on right? It’s Taranaki Anniversary weekend, which means no school for Ivy and no work for Hubby today, and no good sleep for Lauren today because those two are here causing more noise and distraction in the house lol.

Love them all dearly but I am very much looking forward to tomorrow and regular routines. And to L getting a decent day sleep which translates into a better night time sleep. Mummy needs it!

The new Kiwi Writers site seems to be going down well. We had a glitch where not all accounts received their activation emails, but hopefully people will see the site notice and email so that I can sort that out for them. Other than that… pretty smooth really, and we’re very glad of that.

The writing is still ticking along – I took my day of reprieve on Saturday night I think it was, Lauren needed to be held and that was simply more important than getting some words on the page. I got stuck into it again last night and all going well I’ll finish it off today… I just hope that the little issue I have resolves itself and the exact ending becomes clear. I think I got sidetracked by a small detail I felt I needed to clear up, but am back on track now.

And, I finally finished reading through what I have of Chasing Ascension! I feel as though I knew what I was doing when I stopped writing, which is a shame because I only vaguely remember where I was going with it. It will fall into place, I think they were off to see a man about some weapons, and we will have to wait and see whether Lissa risks all by broaching a topic with someone she suspects is not who they appear to be…. interesting times. I’m really looking forward to playing in that world again.

Anyway, baby is kicking, Lauren needs a feed and Ivy is calling out for me to look at her latest masterpiece so I better go.


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