The last few days have been a series of highs and lows, well, mostly lows if I am honest, brought about by sheer exhaustion, a baby who is biting while feeding, difficulties with sleep and 6 teeth coming through at once (another two started cutting in). I mean seriously, when am I going to catch a break? lol I can’t complain too much though, I am alive and well and thats something to be happy about.

After an incredibly productive Tuesday, I fell off the wagon again.

It’s just struck me that I didn’t blog about Tuesday! See, yesterday really was rough. I finished the short story I was working on, starting editing a different short story, and got to work on Chasing Ascension. All in all, a fantastic day – mostly because Lauren slept for THREE hours straight in her new bunk bed, and I had so much time to get things done.

Yesterday however… after an incredibly rough night, we both finally passed out just after noon. I had to get up after an hour, but she slept for a good two hours and last night was a whole lot smoother. We’re at a transition time and I just have to accept that getting her to bed is going to take a whole lot longer than it used to. She really needs to learn how to go to sleep by herself, but it feels like its going to be a long and painful process. I know it’s for the best in the long run though…

Anyways… I’m feeling somewhat more alive today, though less focused. Technically I’m not knocked out of NPI just yet because I wrote more than 1000 words on Tuesday and gained myself a day off (which I used yesterday). But I feel like my head is out of the game and I’m not sure whether I will continue with it. I will probably write today, but I don’t know… I still feel like I am working so far below where I’d like to be that it barely seems worth it.

When your words seem to be not as vibrant as you’d like them to be, for huge stretches on end, do you still forge ahead?

I tend to, but right now… oh it would be so easy not to.


8 thoughts on “Arg!”

  1. I tend to forge ahead too, but every now and then something gets the best of me and I have to just stop and break. -hugs- So don’t feel like you *have* to keep going. Sometimes we need a break. And even if you’ve been feeling like you’re working below normal, hello, I can’t imagine a teething kid would be easy. Nor particularly pleasant. Six teeth coming in at once sounds incredibly painful!

    -hugs- I hope you start getting more highs than lows soon. You deserve it. But don’t beat yourself up over everything either.

    1. Thanks Val! It is pretty painful for her, and all I can really do is be there for her (and medicate her when she’ll let me lol).

      I found something writing related to do that made me feel better thankfully 🙂

  2. Yes – forge ahead!

    How is your little one again – one and a half? two? I know neither of my kids slept much at all before 3, and certainly not in their own bed! (that’s why there willl be 4 years between this one and my youngest). Brutal. exhausting. there are no words really.

    good luck, i wish you brilliant words and sleep.

    1. Thanks Jennifer 🙂 There really are no words for it some days, but we just keep going.

      Lauren is 16.5 months, and has never slept that well, we’re getting there slowly! Once these teeth are through it should get better… at least I hope so lol.

  3. I am iffy on the forge ahead. Sometimes it works, and you break through the pain into a better place. But other times, you really do NEED that brain-break, to think more about what you’re writing.

    The problem is, you can’t tell which way to go from this side!

    Forge ahead, and if that still doesn’t work, take a break. 🙂

    1. I hate not being able to see which is the better option BEFORE deciding!
      In this case, I didn’t forge ahead but tried something new 🙂

  4. Writing is difficult under the best of circumstances, and next to impossible if you are exhausted and distracted. Goals are great (I just completed a big one), but if they’re hurting more than helping, sometimes you just have to let go. Sometimes it’s better to fill the tank than to try to run on vapor. 🙂

    1. It is important to refill the tank now and then, and I managed to do that by switching to a related to writing, but not actually writing, task. Thanks for stopping by and well done on finishing your write a thon!

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