Trying something different

I really felt like I was in a rut yesterday and at the time of posting had no idea what to do about it. I didn’t want to write, I didn’t want to edit, and I didn’t want to force things so I just left it.

What I decided to do instead was browse Duotrope and see what there was to see. I started off trying to find markets for a couple of stories that I have sitting around: one a retelling of Snow White, and the other a story thats been sitting around for far too long. It needs work, but I really want to see it finished as I think there is a good story in there somewhere.

Fairy tales have a limited market though I figure, so I went hunting for anthologies that were themed and found one that looks promising. It gave me a boost and made me open the story and even send it to Merrilee who gave me some feedback on it. I’m looking forward to reworking it and submitting it and I have that buzz back knowing that I have a purpose for the story.

So then I went looking at other anthologies… other themes. What were places looking for? What story ideas could I come up with that might fit those markets?

It’s a new way of thinking for me. Typically I write the stories I want to write, and then try and find homes for them but it was interesting to look around and see what was wanted and then to see what ideas sprang from those suggestions.

It’s kind of like picking a random writing prompt and then seeing where it might take you.

Fun! I mean, even if I don’t submit to these anthologies, I’ve got new ideas and the creative juices flowing and that’s always a good thing.


3 thoughts on “Trying something different”

    1. there are a couple looking for subs that were interesting. I found a few places that actually wanted novella length things which really surprised me, seems their is a place for them in the world though they were primarily erotica/romance, there was one looking for sci-fi novellas.

      1. That’s one of the joys of the explosion of e-publishers – there are now a number of markets for novellas, which have been quite forgotten since the 70’s.

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