Still a surprise

Todays scan was a little better than the last time around, though I left feeling irritated almost beyond words. She got all the measurements this time around at least, but she was pretty rude about Lauren being there (despite the fact that Lauren was being incredibly well behaved and patient) and didn’t spend any extra time getting pics or trying to see the gender. She was late, again, and then used Lauren as an excuse not to spend any more time looking as there were other patients waiting… yeah well, how about you show up on time and get on with it! I was the first client of the day, you’d think if there was ONE appointment that would get done on time it would be that one.

Also, I reminded her that I’d got no pictures last time and asked for plenty, but once again I left with one. At least we saw its face this time, if not its gender.


12 thoughts on “Still a surprise”

  1. Ummm… Yeah. I can’t get excited about pictures of yet-to-be-born babies because my brain immediately superimposes the dining table scene from Alien in my mind’s eye. Maybe its a guy thing…

    Is there someone you can make a complaint to about the shoddy treatment? This is meant to be the time when people are trying to make life easier on you rather than screw with you.

    1. oh it totally looks like an alien. Or like… a skeleton head, it’s eyes look HUGE in this image…

      And I don’t know about the complaints. Doesn’t seem worth it in some ways. I’ll be over it in a few days and in a few months I’ll have a baby to distract me from any prior irritations 🙂

  2. Definitely give the HR team at the hospital a call and tell them you’re not impressed…it’s twice with the same person, it’s not on. I had over 15 scans with the girls and not once did I get anyone being less than friendly, even when I asked for random things like the length of the feet!!!

    They are such alien like little creatures at this age but you still can’t help but love em to bits already 🙂

    1. can’t help but love them, lucky! because they can look a bit freaky 😉

      15 scans, far out. I seem to just have really bad luck when it comes to scans. I’ve only had a couple decent ones over both my pregnancies.

  3. So sorry you were treated so poorly! I agree, tell someone about this shoddy treatment!

    On the flip side, what a babe!! And a surprise; that will keep you all guessing for the next few months! Congrats on that healthy wee one you’ve got, and also for a well behaved girl, even if it went unappreciated…

    1. I appreciated her, she was so great 🙂 My wonderful little girl. And yes, yay for healthy (well, as far as we know), at least we got a face pic!

  4. Whether boy or girl – beautiful baby! I can understand your frustration. I, for one, love the scan pictures. They’ve all you’ve got until the big day and you want to be able to parade them around. I would definitely call and complain, if for no other reason so that other women don’t get the same bad treatment.

    But — congratulations on your healthy baby!

  5. crap! what does your doctor say about this? I think mine would go lecture them all about patient etiquette!

    I had my 32 week ultrasound yesterday – oh, he’ so gorgeous. Not an alien at all. lol.

    1. Turns out it’s pretty standard for this particular scanning lady 😉

      Yay glad it all looks good and that he is gorgeous. Not too long to go now!

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