Being sensible

I’ve been desperate to make progress the last few days, and struggling really hard to do so because of this cold – it hit me pretty hard and I was sure that I would get nothing done at all.

Thanks to a few people (namely Merrilee and Karen) I pushed ahead though and got some work done while still ending up in bed at a reasonable time! It helps to be reminded that if I get stuck into something wholeheartedly, I get to ‘the end’ a lot quicker than when I dither.

That said, now that I am feeling better today and my brain is functioning, I can see that I really need to start taking better care of myself. Winter is coming and with the lowered immune system associated with pregnancy, the inability to take any decent drugs for any illnesses I do pick up, and the fact that I’m still breastfeeding as well as growing a baby means that I need to eat right, rest well, and all that other good stuff. Most of which I manage to avoid for one reason or another….

So yes. I’m going on a bit of a health kick, making sure that I eat more real food and less snack food (someone should really come prepare meals for me I think!), because hopefully if I can get myself into some good habits now they’ll last me until well after baby’s arrival, and help with more sleepless nights and tandem feeding my little ones!

What does this mean for my writing?

Less time spent stressing throughout the day when I don’t get to do any work, and more time being focused on writing when I DO have the time. I’m now going to consider it unhealthy to focus on anything negative because the reality is that when I get down to work I make great progress, and when life is working against me there is no point wasting my energy getting annoyed be it.

The week has been a bit slow, but I wrote my first piece of flash fiction, and have rewritten the ending of my Snow White story as well as tidied the piece up in general. I’m pretty happy with that progress.


8 thoughts on “Being sensible”

  1. Negative thoughts can really knock you about, so good on you for focusing on the positive 🙂

    And yay for healthy eating – something that so easily falls by the wayside when you’re trying to keep up with everything!

  2. Thinking healthy thoughts your way! If I was closer, I’d make you some soup… 🙂

    I meant to offer congrats on all the good fortunes you’ve had with shorts lately! Hoot hoot!

    Definitely take care of YOU, for that’s paramount. Right now you’re creating such blessings, and while words are good too, this time will be here and gone before you know it. Then there will be all sorts of free hours, unbelievable as that may sound…

    1. haha it does sound unbelievable Anna, though I know there is truth in your words – you’re an example of what one can do when they get that time back 😉

      It’s almost soup weather here, and I’m making the first casserole of the year tonight ohhh yum cool weather comfort food.

  3. Just Write. No Excuses. also means no beating yourself up if you choose not to write. You’re allowed to have other priorities. We are writers, writing will never go away for long and it’ll always be there when we need it.

    Okay, so I was mostly talking to myself just then but, yeah, lol. 🙂

    1. It’s not about choosing not to write though – it’s about having all the potential writing times in the day stolen from you by irritating and annoying happenings. Like neighbour/door knockers setting the dog off and waking the baby after I’ve FINALLY got her to sleep (hours after I started trying), only for her to be unable to get back to sleep. Or having a cold and wanting so badly to write but not being able to clear your head enough to do a decent job despite the fact that the baby is actually asleep and her sister is playing quietly and not waking her up for a change….

      I never beat myself up about it when I choose not to write, it’s those other times, the times when I really want to but can’t that I have to learn to let go of. As a parent to young children sometimes you just have to accept that your life is not your own, and that’s easy most days, just not every day.

  4. Good for you! Nursing and pregnant – yes you must spoil yourself! must must must.

    I think you are about 8 weeks behind me, so you must be 25 weeks or so now? At that point I was still really able to focus on my work, like you say using small amounts of time to do more. AT about 30 – 31 weeks I began to be incapable of working practically. I can stare at a page for one hour and almost do no editing. Enjoy it while you have the brain power…and maybe you wont’ experience the same thing. Where you writing with your first?

    1. 26 weeks tomorrow! Gee so that gives me just a couple of weeks? heheI wrote all the way up til Lauren was born pretty much (literally, I stopped writing about 7 hours before I went into labour because it was late and I needed sleep). Hopefully I will be able to get stuff done until later in the pregnancy this time around, but the reality is that there is a toddler in the house now and that makes everything harder!

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