Oh look! I have a revision brain!

I’ve been working on rewriting/tidying up my Snow White story over the last few days, and finally managed to get a better ending written for it. It’s now in pretty good shape I would say, ties in better with the original story, ties the beginning and climax in together better. All that good stuff. It still needs some tightening, but all in all, this phase is done.

I pushed it out of my mind last night thinking that I would head to bed and actually do some reading. Instantly the next story that needs work jumped into my brain. I’ve been trying to get this one in particular right for YEARS now, but it’s always felt so firmly entrenched in the way that it was initially written that I couldn’t seem to get my head around a rewrite.

Until last night. I went to bed, sat down, and outlined the entire new version of the story and you know what? It’s going to be so much better than the original!

It got me to thinking that perhaps the way I’ve stumbled into doing my short stories isn’t so bad after all – perhaps what my brain needed in order to be able to clearly revise things was for me to say ‘hey look brain, this is what we’re doing now’, because it seems to have naturally shifted over from coming up with new ideas into figuring out how to make the ones I do have better. The first one was a struggle, but I’m feeling incredibly positive about the next few stories on the list.

So maybe this is how I work best? Writing a few shorts at a time, then revising them one after the other rather than mixing all the processes up and working at different stages on different stories. That always seemed like it would be the best way to do them, but if I need a more clear head space for each process than so be it.

I’m now looking forward to a good months worth of revision, and to having 5-6 pieces in good shape well before this baby arrives. I might even get a chance to switch back to writing fresh stories before then if I’m lucky 😉


4 thoughts on “Oh look! I have a revision brain!”

  1. Very nice! I got bit by the “LET’S FIX THIS MESS!” bug as well. Until I hit a brick wall & we are back to playing Mexican Standoff. Sigh.

    Either way, that’s fantastic if you’ve found your mojo! & I’d love to hear more about your Snow White piece. I love love love revised Fairy Tales. Love. Love love love. & love. Ish.

    1. It’s a fairly unpleasant tale, but if you want to have a read when I’m done with it I could email it through to you.

      Sorry to hear you’re having problems with your novel again! They can be pesky things, but once you find the right way ahead, you’ll make awesome progress.

  2. Love it or hate it, revision is where the magic happens. Maybe not on the first go, but if you don’t give up… the moment will come when you can almost feel the electricity in the air.

    I’m glad you are happy about where it now stands. That’s an important first step toward a master-work. Good Luck!

    1. Thanks Ken, I did some more work on it the other day and am letting it sit for a couple days so I can look at it again with fresh eyes. Working on another story in the meantime. Fun times!

      Revision is great, I think eventually, even if initially you hate it, you have to come to love it.

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