Just for kicks

Editing/revising/etc is going well at the moment. The majority of the stories I’m working on are in pretty good shape so I’m going to do some fresh writing.

I had an idea the other day while chatting with Merrilee and it’s been ticking over slowly. It was meant to be kind of… sarcastic and sexist. An outlet for venting a frustration that I know many mothers have with their significant others. It’s kind of turned out a little darker than that though.

We’ll wait and see. Verdict will be in once I’ve finished the first draft.

I’m certainly noticing that there aren’t many happy endings in my stories. Definitely none that are gained without losing something in the process, or suffering. But then I guess that’s like life – no pain no gain? I’d like to think that there are happy endings out there, ones that don’t come at such a price. It just doesn’t seem to be where my writing is at right now though.

Oh and I sent a story out into the world yesterday, nice to have something on submission again! I think at this rate stories will have gone out, come back and been sent out again before the baby comes!


6 thoughts on “Just for kicks”

  1. I hate HEA stories. They’re just not realistic. I prefer a satisfying ending to a sugary one 🙂

    I’m glad you explored that idea we talked about, looking forward to reading it!

    1. I don’t think there is anything wrong with not doing happy endings. Though now and then it is nice, as long as its fitting and not too sickly.

  2. I like happy endings… but ones that are realistic. Doesn’t necessarily mean the bad guys are forever vanquished and bunnies can sing songs while squirrels and chipmunks braid my hair all the live long day, but I like happy.

    I feel a little jipped if I read something that doesn’t have a remotely happy ending. I just finished reading “Things We Didn’t See Coming” by Steven Armstrong (which, by the by, is nothing short of AMAZING) and when I got to the end, I was… unsatisfied. After thinking back over the stories and how the characters progressed, I thought it was a very fitting ending. It wasn’t until then, however, that I really was able to appreciate the story start to finish.

    There is enough travesty out there. I like a little happiness 😉 It depends on the characters & stories, though. Maybe “bad things” need to happen for someone’s HEA. One man’s trash….

    1. A little happiness is always good. I sometimes feel like I shouldn’t be writing so much desolation – but then, my own life is pretty happy! So maybe that allows me to write some of the not so pleasant stuff?

      I guess a writer can’t please everyone, so they have to write the stories that work best for them – which is great because there are so many different writers and readers out there!

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