Eeek it’s the holidays!

Yup, the first term of school finished last week and we are now officially into our first week of holidays. And you know? It’s not as big, bad, or scary as I thought it was. That said, the every day routine we’ve all come to love has completely gone out the window.

Which, in short, means a lot less time for me to write, revise and edit.

Not loving that so much, but hopefully after a few days I can forge a space in the day for me. Maybe when (if) Lauren sleeps and Ivy is (maybe) distracted by a movie or something…maybe then?

It’s hopeful thinking on my part because it’s almost 1pm now and Lauren is still awake (normally she’d be waking up from her nap around now). The kids are drawing together which is beautiful, and I guess I could be writing. They tend to know when I’m getting involved though and need me.

This is the lot of a parent: not getting stuck into something because inevitably you’ll get interrupted (which can be frustrating when it occurs 10-20 times a day), only to find that in fact it was the one time of the day the kids played nicely and didn’t need you for anything. If only I knew these things in advance!

Anyway… I had a detailed plan about what I’d hoped to achieve over the next couple of weeks but I completely forgot to allow for holidays. As this is the first, I have no idea what to expect!

Fingers crossed I’ll finish my ‘Mummy ears’ story by the end of the week, at which point I’ll work on Meredith’s story until it’s totally finished. Then possibly the flash fiction piece, then the Feud.

We shall see.

Wish me luck tho, I’m gonna need it!

P.S the new plan consists of spending every single morning out of the house doing something. Returning for lunch/potential nap and then… winging it. I figure if they get out and about every morning though, Ivy can’t get grumpy at me for never taking her anywhere 😉


4 thoughts on “Eeek it’s the holidays!”

  1. Try make the morning activity extra tiring for them! lol. I have no good advice in this area and you know I’ll be asking you for it in a few years time. 🙂 Good luck!

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