Now, where was I?

After a few days of being really out of it with some personal/home stuff I’m back!

What was I doing again? Oh that’s right, I was trying to sort out some short stories. I’m getting there, I am. I’ve really lacked focus for the last few weeks and as a result have been chopping and changing ‘The Plan’ quite dramatically. I’m not even sure what the last one was.

But that’s okay because I have a new one. And I feel motivated, and good and like I have a little competition. Except that it’s not a competition at all… sometimes, as Tama will tell you though, just feeling like you have some competition is enough to make you work harder!

Merrilee mentioned in passing yesterday (I think? god my heads been a mess the last couple of days) that she has 6 shorts she wants to get out into the world before her writing workshop starts on the 1st of May. I did a quick count and I have 5.

It’s not that far off, but a lot of my stories don’t need much more work. This could be the push I need to get myself sorted and start sending things off. Just over 2 weeks to clear the desk of the shorts I was intending to get into the world. (Other than 2 on my original list, which I’ve replaced with 2 new stories).

And then come May 1st, I can dive into Merrilee’s workshop and that will tide me over until baby makes its appearance.

It sounds like a good plan to me. I like it a lot.

Hope everyone else is having a good week! Mine feels better now, and while I have a reasonable sized list of things I need to do I actually feel confident I can work through them in a timely fashion.


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