On form again

And I’m feeling gooooood!

I completed the rewrite of a story yesterday, and just polished it a bit now. I’m going to submit it in a couple days when I’m sure that there is nothing blatantly obvious that needs working on. I also sent off my flash fiction piece this afternoon after polishing that up as well.


By the end of the week I’ll have 3 pieces out into the world, and I’m really thrilled about that. Now to pick the next piece to work on and get stuck into it. I’m hoping it will be an easy pick and that I don’t get derailed somehow. Something to mull over for the rest of the day while I try and get some critique work done and out the door.

Balancing these things is something I’m still not fantastic at – it seems to be an all or nothing kind of thing. I’m either just working on my own stuff, or just looking at other peoples. I’m very aware of the fact that I need to clear my desk though, and to that end I’ve mostly stopped saying ‘yes’ to the people asking me if I have time to read stuff.

Mostly… *grins* it’s hard to say no to some people when I can pretty much guarantee I’ll enjoy the story!

Anyway. On with the critiquing while the baby sleeps. I’m counting down the days of school holidays (three, including the weekend, but not today as it’s more than half done). YES!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to get back to our normal routines, even though the beginning of Term 2 marks the downward count to baby’s arrival. 11 weeks to go folks!

Just had to edit to add that after declaring 11 weeks, baby started kicking the hell out of me as if to say ‘if you’re lucky!’


8 thoughts on “On form again”

  1. I went into false labor at eight months with my son, then had him on the due date; he weighed 9 1/2 pounds! Took three hours longer than his more petite older sister, by which time I was a wreck. πŸ™‚

    Yeah on the writing front! It’s going great guns…

    1. It is indeed!

      Babies just come when they want to I figure, no point worrying about it too much πŸ˜‰ As a side note did you know that only like 3-5% of babies are actually born on their due date? Well done to your son for being one!

  2. I tried everything under the sun to convince my child to come early. Everything. Pregnancy was my own virtual hell. Alas, she did not listen.

    It appears she was just setting the tone for her arrival… “lalalala not listening lalalala!”

    1. too funny! They do say you can begin to tell the nature of a child while they are in the womb πŸ˜‰

      Lauren came 2 weeks and 3 days early. I can’t say that I *want* to go to 40 weeks this time around. But I’ll just go with the flow πŸ˜‰ baby will get here when it’s ready.

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