I feel like a change

I’m not sure why, but today I feel like it’s time to make some changes around the blog. I have absolutely no idea where to start or what to do – so if you have any suggestions or tips feel free to pass them along! I’ve had the current banner for as long as I’ve had the blog and while I like it… well, sometimes change is a good thing.

So wordpress users, any themes that you love and can recommend? I’m hopefully going to have a chance to play around with it all as of next week *does a happy dance about school holidays almost being over*, and hopefully I can find something that will work for me.

In other news I now have FOUR stories out on submission. It feels so good that it wouldn’t matter whether they all got rejected or not. I’m just happy I have stuff out there looking for homes!

Lauren is currently napping, and Ivy is playing a game so I’m polishing another story and hoping that I can have that submitted somewhere by the end of the weekend. Failing that, the end of this week coming. I’m getting down to the bottom of my pile people, it’s pretty cool/scary/wonderful. I have to finish Mummy Ears and then polish that up still, and other than that there are 3 stories sitting around that I could work with (but wasn’t intending to right now). Or I might write something new.

It’s all good. I have time, and ideas, and drive. I’m set 🙂


5 thoughts on “I feel like a change”

    1. Thanks Julie 🙂 It’s all part of the process really, I’m feeling good about it all regardless of the outcome though which is an excellent place to be in.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions Merrilee, will check those out! Probably pays to pick one before doing a new banner, so it goes with the colours of the new theme.

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