30 weeks (and 2 days)

Yup, this is me! The ‘bump’ has grown substantially since I last posted a pic (12 weeks ago). That said, I took the photo just now (almost 4pm) and it definitely seems bigger as the day goes on. Or it might just be my perception of it.

Now that the first baby in the group of school mother’s has been born, attention is being turned to me – the next in line – and every other day I get questions about how much longer to go etc etc. It’s kind of nice. It’s certainly nice seeing a newborn on an almost daily basis and reacquainting myself with their small yet insistent presence.

I just looked back on the pics from last time around and I have to say I look about as big as I did at 35 weeks, though at this point in my last pregnancy I was 2 sizes bigger than I am now, so I guess its just that this bump is more obviously a baby and less like pies 😉 I’m still feeling pretty good for the most part and all the things I feared haven’t showed up yet: no carpal tunnel since a small patch of it early on, no swelling yet, my sciatica isn’t playing up, my body is generally not sore and I certainly don’t have the intense pelvis pain I did last time (yet. I’m well aware I still have a few months to go 😉 ).

68 days til due date.


8 thoughts on “30 weeks (and 2 days)”

    1. I’m looking forward to meeting the little person too! And I’m also in the ‘can’t believe how fast it’s going’ boat. Seriously seems like just last month I found out I was pregnant!

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh soooo cute!
    And so tiny! Wow for 30 weeks! I think you are feeling bigger than you are.
    So exciting. I am on 19 days left to go officially. Can’t wait for it, also sad it’s coming to an end, but it’s been a difficlut one this time round. Much more so than the other 2, so I look forward to that ending, yet also sad because I love those movements.
    Hope you keep strong and good luck!

    1. Jennifer, I’m so pleased you stopped by! Have been thinking about you, wondering whether you had your wee bundle yet – now I can keep track. 19 days!

      I know what you mean about missing this time though. When baby is inside us there are a million little movements that are for the most part a beautiful secret, shared between mother and child. Once baby is born, we have to share it with everyone else and that is a little sad. Also, I found last time that when baby was inside me, I always felt safe about her – I was there 100% of the time, protecting her, providing for her, nourishing her. There isn’t quite the same level of security you can provide once they arrive! Though, of course they are HERE and thats mega bliss enough to make up for the little losses.

      Hang in there, hope the last 19 days breeze by. Thinking of you! *hugs*

  2. Awww baby!

    I’d have to look, but I swear you are tinier than I was at 30 weeks… & I had a SMALL belly. About the only thing that stayed small, too.

    Lucky girl!

    1. lol thanks Melissa, I think we often perceive ourselves differently to how we actually appear – most people seem a bit shocked when I say how far along I am.

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