It begins!

And I am so excited! While the first week is just an intro week where we get to formulate some goals for the workshop, it’s still fun thinking that the first official workshop post is up now. The participants are buzzing: getting notebooks ready, thinking about their goals, and ready to launch into the writing.

I’m thrilled to be taking this journey with so many other lovely individuals, and am really looking forward to getting to know some of the writers better throughout the next few weeks. There is a nice little sense of community going on already and it’s just so great to be a part of.

I went and got myself a new notebook this morning in preparation. It was a rough night last night and I needed the little boost to get me going. I’ve still got some things I would like to finish off before launching into the fresh writing next week for the workshop, but am just taking it easy on myself at the moment. I want to be on form for when we get started and right now I’m in serious need of some sleep, among other things.

I have some goals roughly formulated, and will post them a little later in the week. I’ve been digging around in boxes for story notes and think I have everything I need. It’s going to be so good to work on some ideas that have been sitting around for far too long, and I feel like this is really going to leave me well set up for when I have the time to get back into writing post-baby.

Anyways, the toddler is sleeping. I’m tempted to take a nap too, but I’ll try and get a little writing done first.

Happy first day of the workshop folks!


15 thoughts on “It begins!”

  1. My first official day of the workshop isn’t until tomorrow (first day of my French class, too). I kind of wish that all of the participants had a place to go to so that we could chat, like NaNo. It would be interesting to consistently keep up with progress. Oh well. Here’s hoping we’re all successful at it.

    1. well there is twitter we can keep tabs on each other there 🙂 And don’t worry, I’m sure there will be lots of blog checking out and stuff! So fun.

  2. I agree, re: the community aspect. It’s surprising how quickly it seems to be growing already! If we get nothing else out of this workshop, we’ll at least have that! (though I have no doubt we’ll all bring so much out of this experience.) Looking forward to getting down to work!

    1. It’s the bonus prize of partaking in something like this I guess – come for the workshop, leave with a bunch of new writing buddies and goals attained!

    1. Aw, I wish you could too, another time maybe? How’s that story coming along btw? lol yes I am still eagerly waiting. At this rate baby will be here before I get to read it!

  3. New notebooks are the best! All that white paper just beckoning…

    I, too, am excited about the community aspect already beginning to gel — an unexpected bonus. 🙂

    Hope you got that nap! Life with a toddler is never quiet for long.

  4. You’ve got that right! Gotta love my kids, though they definitely keep me busy. Finding time to write can be a real struggle some days.

    1. Thanks Linda! I think writing is one of the things that keeps me sane – I don’t get out of the house much for purely pleasure reasons so it’s a great way to escape the challenges of the real world for a little while.
      How many children have you got? Kids are such a blessing. Even when they are keeping you sleep deprived and on your toes 😉

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