Start the day as you mean to continue

It’s a simple enough thing, and it typically works. Yesterday I got out of bed tired, grumpy and not wanting to participate in the world much – I ended up not doing a lick of housework (okay, maybe I did a load of washing and you know, all the other basic stuff like getting children dressed and fed, beds and lunches made) nor a scrap of writing. It was a long day, and I spent most of it in a not so pleasant mood.

Despite another night of rough sleep (sick kids! ack!) I decided I would not waste another day. I started the morning off by tickling my child, which always puts me in a good mood lol toddler giggles rock. Despite the fact it was only 6am I boiled the jug so that I could start washing dishes (and I’m not letting the fact that I cannot use my hot tap get me down!) and got those out of the way nice and early. I feel soooo much better for getting stuck into things right away. By 920am I’d dropped hubby and Ivy at work and school, posted some parcels off and done the grocery shopping, and got most of the housework out of the way. An hour later, I’m even closer to being done.

Another half hour and its Lauren’s nap time and you know what? I’m not going to waste it. I’m on fire now. I’ve started out the day busy, getting stuff done and I’m not going to stall now. The Comfort of Wood needs its first draft finished, and I really want to get that out of the way. I needed some fire though to write it, well I’m burning baby, let’s make the whole world shine.

In other news: I should have my car back by Friday!! Oh how I have missed being a two vehicle family. I’ll be so happy not to have to drop off/pick up hubby from work and it’ll mean I don’t have to rush to get everyone ready to leave the house by 745am.

Baby is doing great, I’m 100% healthy and rocking this pregnancy thing which is always nice to hear. Scarily, I’m now in the ‘less than two months to go’ phase and wow that freaks me out in so many ways. I’m avoiding thinking about all the technical stuff (like feeding two little ones and finding ways to get enough sleep) and focusing on the fact that I’ll give this wee one the best start to life I possibly can while continuing to love and support my other two children.

Hell, bring it on! I’m totally up to the challenge.

Have an awesome day/night folks!


12 thoughts on “Start the day as you mean to continue”

  1. You have a good point about starting the day off right, though I find my mood can still change throughout the day. Still, if I’m in a relatively good mood in the morning I find I can get more done. I’ve taken to doing my blog commenting and posting pretty much first thing, so that I don’t have to worry about it later on. It makes me feel as though I’ve gotten a good start.

    Also, why can’t you use the hot water??? Boy you’re in rough shape right now lol. No car, no hot water… what’s next?

    1. You can totally restart your day halfway through, it’s all about mindset – but definitely if I am getting on with things in the morning (even if I feel like rubbish) the day will go a lot better in general.

      And there is no ‘next’ on the list of not so great things. From now on, everything is going to be wonderful. I won’t hear a word saying otherwise! lol there is some mystery leak happening when we use the hot tap, until it gets sorted, I’m using the jug. I don’t want to damage the kitchen in any way because that would just mean more money out the door. It’s just the tap in the kitchen, everywhere else in the house is fine! lol

    1. Thanks Merrilee! Me too 🙂 it feels nice to be back on balance and have my head straight. And just as well that happened before the real work begins on the workshop too!

    1. It’s possible! I really hope this isn’t fleeting – I need it to stick around for a little while. Hope you find your buzz soon!

  2. Inspiring, my friend!

    The way you start the day infects the rest of it – how great to give yourself a dose of the laughter bug right off the bat!!

    Stopping by for a flying visit on the icebreaker tour, must dash, it’s been fun 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by Janette 🙂 I’m trying to start every day in a positive way now – it really is mind over matter.

  3. Wonderful!! It is in how we start the day, as that tends to carry throughout. Sometimes there seems to be this brightness that hits, and yes indeed, those toddler giggles are a really good drug. 🙂

    1. The best kind of drug. I couldn’t get her to giggle quite so much this morning, guess the cold has hit full force now! ah well. I’m keeping cheery, and it’s helping 🙂

  4. Um, just a note: Children dressed and fed, beds made, and laundry done = work! Not that I’m unhappy with the cheerful direction of this post or anything (toddler giggles especially welcome). It’s just that I hate to see a mother putting her daily activities down as though they were mere fluff.

    I’m so glad your muse is back and on fire. 🙂

    1. thanks Meredith! I do those things almost without thought, so they barely seem like work at the time. I cannot bring myself to bundle the kids/myself out of the house undressed lol and the complaining if I don’t feed them? Simply not worth thinking about 😉 haha.

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