I’m sitting here while the little one sleeps, wondering what to do. For the first time in a long time I’ve reached the end of my immediate list of  and am left wondering ‘what next?’

I finished the first draft of ‘The Comfort of Wood’ last night (amazingly, I wrote around 2,000 words yesterday), and while I had told myself I’d also like to have Meredith’s story polished and submitted before the writing for the workshop began, I don’t feel the pressing need to get onto that right this minute. I could also find a new place to submit The Feud to. Yeah I should do that at least.

Maybe it’s because I’m sick. Yup, the girls got me with their darn cold. It’s okay though, better to get on with it so that I can get better sooner.

So I’m not feeling like I HAVE to do anything. I’m poised, waiting for the workshop to start. I’m obsessively going over my goals (which is more fun than it might sound!) and am looking forward to posting them tomorrow. I keep changing the order in which I want to do them. Keep switching projects for one of them… ah so much potential, so many things I want to explore. I’m focusing on FUN rather than problems, though I intend to keep my issues in mind with each story I write.

Just thinking about that makes me want to do stuff though. So I am off to search duotrope for a new potential home for The Feud, and then I think I’ll make some pinwheel scones.



5 thoughts on “Huh…”

  1. Yum Scones! I made muffins, dinosaur muffins. It’s so great you’re getting the things done that you wanted to. You know, relaxing is always fun :p and procrastinating! Oh and sorry about the cold, that stinks.

    1. It does, but the scones rocked. Man, I love scones. I’m the baking queen this pregnancy! How do you make dinosaur muffins? They sound really fun!

  2. Your kids seem to make you sick a lot! Did Ivy bring it home from school? That’s so common, unfortunately… I hope the scones make you feel better. 2,000 words is a lot for you right now. I’m amazed you found the time to do that much! You make me feel like a slacker lol.

    1. I think it’s just that it’s actually getting cold now, seasonal changes always bring sickness. The scones were awesome, ARE awesome, I have plenty left because Ivy has decided she hates scones. Yay for me!
      2,000 words is a lot. I was feeling soooo good and just wanted to get to the end of the first draft. Felt good. Very good 🙂

      1. Ten to one says she hates scones until Mummy eats the last one… And then she will love them and Mummy will be E-V-I-L for having eaten them. lol 😛

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